Goodies Co. Box Subscription July 2013 Review


This is my Goodies Co. Box Subscription July 2013 Review…

cosmos creations

Cosmos Creations – Cinnamon Crunch: OMGGGGGGGGGGG.  How is this 100 calories?  Non-GMO Corn, Gluten Free, No Trans Fat, No Kernels, No Hulls…. exactly what I love about popcorn and exactly doesn’t include what I dont like about popcorn (kernals).  This tastes SO good!!  And I don’t have any guilt!  I 100% recommend it.


Multi-Seed Crackers: These crackers were really crunchy. I liked that they were gluten free.  You didn’t too many in this little package.


Fruit Water – Orange Mango: This tastes like orange soda… but with less fizz.  It has zero calories…… wait AND it has b5 & 6 vitamins, magnesium, zinc and green tea extract!!!  Talk about guilt free drinkin!  This was really nice, and the bottle is fun looking too!


Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers: WOW.  I didnt think I was going to love these, but I DID.  I loved that there are 9 different flavors and each one was a suprise.  I liked the chocolate cherry, the black cherry, wild cherry…. kinda of all of them actually.  This would be so fun for valentine’s day.

the better chip

The Better Chip – Jalapeno and Sea Salt Chips: These were pretty good.  These were spicy and fun.  Probably would have been better with guacamole.