So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I ate an entire (well ALMOST) pineapple to induce labor Monday night and it didn’t work


  • I keep thinking if I bake I’ll go into labor… and it doesn’t work… but NF likes it…


  • I was really pumped about this ceramic container I found at wegmans for $5.99 so I can heat up a whole can of soup… it’s perfect!


  • I am still pregnant and tomorrow is my due date
  • Everyone I see asks me when my due date is and when I say, “tomorrow” they look at me like I am absolutely insane… maybe that’s because they’re asking me at the gym or at work… yeah I went to the gym and work 39 weeks 6 days pregnant…
  • fashion police is just NOT the same without Joan or Kelly…. and Nene hates everything… unless it’s Beyonce.. you’re unoriginal Nene… branch out girl
  • I keep waiting for my water to break or contractions to start and… nothing
  • I packed my hospital bag Monday… I should have weeks ago seeing as NF was born 2 weeks early… but turns out I really didn’t need to anyways!
  • I started following the mom on Fresh Off The Boat and to my surprise she loves bunnies
  • I am 9 months pregnant and I still average 12k steps a day… take that people who sit too much!!!!
  • I really am disliking this weather… like seriously, this weather I am SO over it
  • my friend who was due March 4th had her baby on Monday… WTF……. I was expecting to have mine back on Feb 4th and her to have her baby later in March and this just went totally NOT how I thought it would… my baby is technically OLDER than hers, but not any more because she was born first… so weird to think about isn’t it?


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • Jimmy John’s forgot cucumbers on my veggie sub twice… so I finally called them and said listen there’s like nothing on a veggie sub and you’ve forgotten the cucumbers two times now.  They credited me for a free sub and THEN I just got a $10 gift card in the mail from them.  Whoa… so what if I am kinda glad they forgot my cucumbers, because I basically got 3 free subs out of it
  • I want some 4×4 frames to print my instagram photos
  • I want to do a photo shoot with the new baby and NF… but I want to wait until the baby is cuter than a newborn… but I want newborn photos too…
  • I now watch Fresh off the Boat on Tuesdays
  • I thought the Below Deck finale was HORRIBLE… I hated 75% of it (the parts with Rocky and Eddie, YUCK).  I did enjoy Amy, Kate, Ben, and Connie.  Oh and I did feel a little faint when they showed Ben’s knuckle sort of cut off
  • I am pumped to watch Survivor tonight
  • My car needs to be washed
  • We waited an hour for NF’s hair cut last night but he had a ball playing with the 20 kids waiting with him
  • We went to the pet store lto play with puppies and I really wanted to take one home, who knew I was into white miniature schnauzers?  I think that’s what it was…



So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • when I accidentally record something not in high def the entire time I am watching I think ugh this picture is terrible
  • I have zero desire to watch any football until maybe the super bowl… maybe
  • I did not realize there is no mail today, I will probably forget later and look in the mailbox anyways
  • I am not into man buns (talking about hair not butts)
  • my sister told me about how people are mad about how the starbucks red cups is a war on christmas…. and I was just like what?  I instagramed it because I liked the red cup?


  • I watched Fresh off the Boat last night and liked it…. I think I will continue to watch it on Tuesdays…
  • Below the deck is ridiculous, but mostly only because of Rocky
  • I am trying not to care about other’s opinions on my chosen baby name but I lost probably 2 hours of sleep because of it… you seriously cannot please everyone (this is why people keep their baby names a secret)
  • I hashtagged this photo #26 weeks… when really I was 25 weeks and 4 days…


  • I sometimes bribe my child with dum dums
  • I am officially done spinning and switched to the elliptical – I am too big


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up for Thursday Thoughts

TV-Mad Men Finales Season Five

Mad Men… 2nd half of the final season started Sunday.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for EVER for this to air.  It did NOT disappoint me either.  There is just something about Don Draper, I’m in love.  I was sad that Betty, Sally, or Megan were not in the episode.  I really hope they’re at least in it a little bit until the ending.

download (3)

SO I hear Fresh off the Boat on ABC is hilarious and I should give it a shot… I plan to do this soon.



Just about the only thing I enjoy about this seasons of Dancing with the stars is seeing Demi Moore and Bruce Willis in the audience…. and watching Chris Soules get ripped appart by the judges (I DO love Chris Soules… it’s just uncomfortable and entertaining to see the judges just hate on him).


FIRST Giada de laurentiis now Bobby Flay… I hate when my food network idols don’t have perfect lives like I imagine them to.  Now I just kinda hope that Bobby and Giada get together?  Maybe yeah?


and normally I don’t think the housewives reunions are THAT great… but this one of Beverly Hills has kept my attention for sure.  Can’t wait for part 3.