What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
What I’m Loving Wednesday!

NF: AH!  My little baby is going to be 2 years old TOMORROW!!!!  What happened?!  He’s growing up!
Anne Hathaway’s version of I dreamed a dream: I wrote about how I loved this song back November 30th 2012 here.  And I’m saying it again.  Best crying song ever.  Watch it here and get ready for the water works…  http://vimeo.com/57509875
A Frappuccino from Starbucks:  A frappuccino and a pedicure can always temporarily fix any mood.
Running on a treadmill for 1 mile: I love the feeling of completing a mile run on a treadmill.  Once I hit the mile mark – DONE.  I have completed my goal… no more thank you, get me off of this thing oh my god is what’s going through my head.  Face is bright red, sweating, but so accomplished.  MAYBE one day I’ll try 2 miles.  but for now, 1 mile is my thing.  I’ve done a 5k but why would I want to do a 5k at the gym on a treadmill like for the heck of it?  No way too much.
nike socks
Clean white socks and clean white sheets: are ya with me?  There’s nothing like it.  Super clean white socks and white sheets… even warm from the drier… uhh the best.
yoga pants crop
Yoga pants – crop from Aerie $15: The best yoga pants ever… and no need to worry about the length since they’re crop.  No fear ordering these bad boys online.  I’m a size 4 and a medium from Aerie and  a small from Victoria Secret.  These yoga pants are like half the price of VS and just as good or better.
italian bread

Fresh Italian Bread: my mouth is watering just thinking about hot fresh Italian bread.  Oh my favorite.
Sleeping with a fan all year round: sleeping with a fan does many things for me.  It keeps me cool (obviously) and it drowns out any snoring/breathing/quite tv sounds so that I can sleep (sorry C, you’re loud).  I used to sleep with ear plugs in on the weekends (couldn’t during the week because I needed to hear my alarm).  But those days are over with a child, I need to be able to hear him in case something happens ya know.  So the white noise of a fan does the trick… and I love it.