So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’ve been dressing NF in comfy clothes so often (thermals and sweat pants) that when I dressed him in jeans and a button down Sunday he said, “WHAT?  Is this a man costume?”
  • I went to 2 stores and called 5 to find the pie face game last night… and finally got it in a city 60 miles away that my cousin picked up
  • I just want to eat stuffing… just a giant bowl of stuffing with a little turkey and super hot gravy
  • I haven’t had a frappuccino months, just no longer in the mood
  • I thought DWTS finale was just from 9-10 and when I realized it was on until 11 I was panicking about how late that was for me to stay up
  • I am so sad DWTS is over, but I think I was one episode away from finding Bindi annoying… but still super happy she won
  • I put people’s birthdays on the news
  • I refused to watch the Below Deck finale because I hate Rocky and Eddie
  • I am finally wearing leggings that fit me and don’t slide down my butt… and it feels so great
  • I passed my diabetes test but my iron is low even though I was already taking iron pills
  • I need my RH shot asap (they forgot to give it to me last time I was in) HOLY MOLY this means I am getting close!!
  • I am excited for the The Great Holiday Baking Show (I had to goolge what the name of the show was called… but ya know that baking competition on abc now that dwts is over)
  • I still haven’t watched SNL from Saturday… America is obsessed with Adele it’s official
  • I DIDN’T finish Oprah’s book and I have to return it to the library today
  • I bought a frozen cd at Target for the car… and now NF requests that it’s on whenever we’re driving….. it’s been 6 days and I was totally over it by the 3rd day
  • I wasn’t really feeling Nick Carter’s new single last night
  • I am love with feeling the baby move inside me… like really really like it… but it can give me weird dreams (Like the one that I had leaches inside of my moving around and doctors were going to cut them out of me… yeah like that one)
  • I am glad Chaka Khan performed last night on DWTS but I wanted MORE
  • I NEED Kourtney Kardashian’s avocado drink/pudding… she said on twitter that the recipe will be on her app and her app comes out soon… sneaky Kourt.  My guess is it’s avocado, almond milk, and some sort of protein vitamin mix… but I just gotta have it post pregnancy, call me cray
  • I wish I didn’t cry when I heard Adele’s song Hello… It’s crazy because she’s been on hiatus about the exact time between when I had NF and then this baby…. ughh ADELE…
  • NF likes to make sounds like snoopy… and honestly… it’s obnoxious
  • I love to have singing conversations with NF


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some thoughts…


NF makes these paintings on my phone and it saves in it’s own folder… I love to look at them


I feel like it’s only fair NF gets a cake pop when I treat myself to a frappuccino…. right?


This meal feed me three times.  It was so good, but I don’t think I could get it again any time soon.  It’s the chicken francesca from Francesca’s Pizza and Italian Kitchen.  This is like my latest go to place I love it.


Uhhhh speaking of food… this is my plate from the bbq wedding reception I went to last Saturday.  I loved the corn bread, it had been forever since I had corn bread!


How beautiful is this cupcake cookie tray that came out from the wedding?  I loved it!!


More food… my breakfast on Saturday.


ANNNDD how do you feel about oreo thins because our house is obsessed.  I just got the mint ones this week and haven’t opened the package yet.


Big Brother news….

Vanessa or Shelli will be going home tonight… who is it going to be?!  AND there is a double eviction, whattttttttttt.  And Steve!?


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
What I’m Loving Wednesday!

NF: AH!  My little baby is going to be 2 years old TOMORROW!!!!  What happened?!  He’s growing up!
Anne Hathaway’s version of I dreamed a dream: I wrote about how I loved this song back November 30th 2012 here.  And I’m saying it again.  Best crying song ever.  Watch it here and get ready for the water works…
A Frappuccino from Starbucks:  A frappuccino and a pedicure can always temporarily fix any mood.
Running on a treadmill for 1 mile: I love the feeling of completing a mile run on a treadmill.  Once I hit the mile mark – DONE.  I have completed my goal… no more thank you, get me off of this thing oh my god is what’s going through my head.  Face is bright red, sweating, but so accomplished.  MAYBE one day I’ll try 2 miles.  but for now, 1 mile is my thing.  I’ve done a 5k but why would I want to do a 5k at the gym on a treadmill like for the heck of it?  No way too much.
nike socks
Clean white socks and clean white sheets: are ya with me?  There’s nothing like it.  Super clean white socks and white sheets… even warm from the drier… uhh the best.
yoga pants crop
Yoga pants – crop from Aerie $15: The best yoga pants ever… and no need to worry about the length since they’re crop.  No fear ordering these bad boys online.  I’m a size 4 and a medium from Aerie and  a small from Victoria Secret.  These yoga pants are like half the price of VS and just as good or better.
italian bread

Fresh Italian Bread: my mouth is watering just thinking about hot fresh Italian bread.  Oh my favorite.
Sleeping with a fan all year round: sleeping with a fan does many things for me.  It keeps me cool (obviously) and it drowns out any snoring/breathing/quite tv sounds so that I can sleep (sorry C, you’re loud).  I used to sleep with ear plugs in on the weekends (couldn’t during the week because I needed to hear my alarm).  But those days are over with a child, I need to be able to hear him in case something happens ya know.  So the white noise of a fan does the trick… and I love it.

A tall java chip frap no whip for $4 and change please


Feeling down?  Feeling stressed?  Feeling unfullfilled?  Feeling like you need a reason to smile?  Uhhh ignore the price and get a tall java chip frap (without whip so you’re being healthy).  ANNNDD all your problems will go away for a moment.