Friday Letters

Friday letters


Dear NF, Why are you obessed with dog food?!  It’s adorable… but it’s weird.

Dear Smellen, Have fun with NF tonight while I’m stuffing my face with hibachi!

Dear CBS Big Brother 15,  You’re on at 8 one night, then 9 the next then 8 again…. I don’t have DVR!  I need to get this straight 0r I’ll miss another episode waiting for it to be 9, turning CBS on and realizing it JUST ended.  Ohhh if that happens a 3rd time I’m going to cry like fo real.

Dear Football Season, I don’t even want to think about you.  You 100% consume my TV, Saturday for college, Sunday, Monday nights, and frickin Thursday nights.  You’re more of a commitment than softball season… AND you’re IN THE LIVINGROOM where I like to live.  I don’t even know why I’m writing to you today Football Season… I guess I just need to remind myself that it is slowly approaching.

Dear Heat, everyone keeps complaining about you, like they just can’t take it anymore…. maybe it’s because I’m back in AC… but I think I’m finally getting used to you.  I sort of like an excuse NOT to go outside when it’s nice out, because it’s TOOO nice out… too hot…. so it’s okay to watch a random netflix movie… because you’re being safe, staying out of the heat.