Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Seriously you say fine and no… not yes and no… but fine and no… you’re crazy!  “do you want a pretzel?”  “Finnneee.”  “let’s put your hat on.” “no.”  Today I stripped ya down to a diaper for a bath, went to run the water, came back in the room and there you were diaper off, riding your rocking horse nakey.  I said, “You’re naked!”  you replied, “mum, it’s finnee!”  What?!!!  Since when do you reply it’s fine?

Dear Maple Bacon Muffins, you were SO easy to make… like so easy and I had everything to make you at home already.  And you taste so good… like pancakes with syrup almost… but with bacon… in muffin form.  Here is the recipe Maple Bacon Muffins.

Dear Target, I love you I do… but I was interviewed by the news today to talk about how I was a victim of identity theft.  It could have happened to any store… so it’s not personal. You can see it here

Dear Scandal, WHY are you waiting until Feb 27th to come back on tv?  WHYY!?

Dear Montreal, I can’t believe my trip to see you is coming so soon!

Dear sinus infection, it’s been 10 days… you can go away now.