Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear my breakfast, though I did not eat all of you…. yet… I love you.


Dear tacos I ate last night, you were 100 times better than whatever it was I ate at Chili’s on Wednesday.

Dear I can do it chart, Wow.  Thank you… you’re really making chores fun for NF.  He’s usually pretty enthusiastic but he is like over the top excited to floss and put his clothes in his hamper… it’s amazing.

Dear Then and Now with Andy Cohen, I only knew to DVR this show from a promo instagram post Andy put up recently… SO glad I did.  I love it!  So far I’ve only watched 1989 but I have 1994 and 2000 set up to record in the future… I just researched it and that’s all of the dates he’s doing… WHYYY I want ALL the years!


Dear Fashion Police, FIRST I must say NO ONE compares to the legend, Joan Rivers.  Okay, that said… Margaret Cho is pretty funny on the show and I guess I’m good with her officially joining.  I am totally fine with Kathy Griffin being out, and Melissa hosting.  Melissa keeps the memory of Joan alive I think.  I miss Kelly Osborne but her best moments were her reaction to Joan, which no longer exists.  Giuliana is a staple to me… you can’t lose her.  I am waiting for Khole to guest host!  K done.

Dear Smellen, hope you’re reading this and it entertains you.

Dear Christmas, you’re sneaking up on me.

Dear Oprah, I am loving you book, What I know for Sure.  LOVING it.

Dear Kourtney Kardashian ap, I still don’t know exactly what is in your avocado shake…  pudding… drink… whatever it is… if it’s just avocado, milk, and a little sugar I will be disappointed.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Coconut Vendor, what are you?  what do you do?

Dear Jen Ray aka Nancy Donahue on the middle, You’re my new favorite character.

Dear guacamole and chocolate chip cookies, love you for breakfast.

Dear Harrison Ford, glad you’re alright.

Dear Geraldo Rivera on FOX this morning talking about Harrison Ford, okay… we get it… you guys were dare devil pals in the 80’s.

Dear Dr.Herman on Grey’s, Ohhh Shonda Rhimes… you real me in every time.

Dear Droctors who don’t simply read someone’s chart before seeing a patient, I hate you.

Dear Lisa Rinna on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that’s right, no body touches Harry!!

Dear Kyle Richards, FFFFF Brandi for saying that pot smoking comment… she’s stupid and I’ve decided I hope she’s not asked back on the show.

Dear Smellen, get a manicure by yourself… it’s relaxing and peaceful and you don’t need me there!

Dear Yolanda Foster, you’re so classy.

Dear Kim Kardashian, what in the world is up with the Draco Malfoy hair?

Dear Fashion Police, what is going on?  I’d love to see Khloe Kardashian on the show… more so than NeNe.

Dear Teresa Giudice, I occasionally think, I wonder what you’re up to right now in prison… hope you’re stayin strong!


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts…


Long story short, Giulana poked fun at Zendaya’s dred locks on Fashion Police, Zendaya wrote a lengthy defensive statement about hair and stereotypes, Kelly demands Giulana apologizes or she’s leaving the show, Giulana apologizes acceptably on E! and on twitter.  OK… First of all, I love Giuliana Rancic.  I think Zendaya couldn’t take a joke… and I think Kelly wants to be BFFs with EVERYONE.  If Kelly threatens to leave Fashion Police over that, it’s only a matter of time before she leaves… and I hope it’ll be on good terms, but it probably won’t be.  JUST my prediction.  OHH I miss Joan Rivers.  Oh and Zendaya, I like you, I like your hair and I love that you change it up.


Madonna yanked to the ground!  MY goodness that was a nasty fall!


The announced the DWTS cast!!!  Who am I most excited to see… well…. I guess Rumor Willis?  and Suzanne Somers?  And the shark tank guy… I guess.  My sister told me that someone from Shark Tank was going to be on it and asked me who would I want to see the most… I said… well Lori Greiner.. and Mark Cuban… and then Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran.. and Daymond John… basically every person before Robert Herjavec, who I can’t ever remember his name I call him the Canadian guy on the right.  And it’s Robert.  Sorry Robert!!  I hope you change my mind, really I do!!


So I watched the first episode of survivor last night.  I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for my DVR that automatically taped it.  It’s white collar vs blue collar vs no collar…. my thought so far… the blue collar people are the most interesting.  I can’t believe he ate a scorpion.


The show Repeat After Me on ABC is SOOOOOOOOOO funny.  I LOVE Wendi McLendon-Covey.


So we are coming to the end of Bachelor season 19.  Who is he going to pick?  I think Whitney… but everyone I talk to thinks Becca.  My sister also said it’s pretty clear that Chris is going to be a surprise cast member of Dancing with the stars… she’s likely to be right.


I JUST discovered these at wegmans.  Snyder’s Peanut butter pretzel sandwiches… they are REALLY really good.


So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I am going to do a tasting for my friend’s wedding this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited especially since there is no pressure, because HEY it’s not my wedding, I’m just there to try the food!
  • I don’t know why but today I think Cory Monteith is hot
  • I have Elton John’s I’m still Standing stuck in my head
  • I’m obsessed with watching Watch What Happens Live dvr’d on the treadmill, it’s perfect for a quick work out
  • Obama’s State of the Union Address… I will not comment.  You will not know how I feel good or bad or indifferent.
  • I wonder how Teresa Giudice is doing right now
  • I wonder if Hannah on girls will move back to NYC from Iowa and at what point in the season will that happen
  • I love chocolate a lot
  • I MISSED the 2nd episode of Fashion Police!!!!!!  It better be on demand.
  • I am going to sound really annoying to some of you right now… but weight loss competitions at the gym stink because I can’t possibly participate in them because there is no chance I can lose enough lbs to win (even when it’s percent of weight loss and by gender)…. so I am not eligible to win free memberships or prizes (I KNOW there are worse things in the world to happen to me, but there I said it….. and I love to win prizes and get free things so this kinda thing is something I’d love to do).  AND I am not saying I am perfect super skinny etc… I’m just saying I don’t have enough % weight to lose to win a competition.
  • I might wear a fanny pack on vacation because it just seems right…. and I REALLY want it to be neon colored.
  • It was 2 degrees today and I hate that a lot
  • I really want to eat Chocolate all day long
  • the easter bunny is so weird
  • I miss watching the neighbors on ABC on Fridays or Wednesdays
  • christina milian and lil wayne are together….. it’s kind of exciting
  • I am KIND of obsessed with diamond candles right now… get a candle (I get credit through that link)… they are so so so fun


Too Cute Tuesday

too cute tuesday

I am not going to do a traditional “Too Cute Tuesday” because I just have too much to discuss!  So this will probably read more like a Thursday Thoughts…


I need to talk about “Girls” on Sunday first…  I was so excited for season 4 and it’s FINALLY HERE!  I wish the episodes were an hour!  I really like Adam.  The first Marnie scene shocked me and made me uncomfortable and I can’t get the image out of my brain (tmi? it’s just honest).  I LOVE that Sosh’s parents are both named Mel Shapiro and that it’s the worst and first thing that ever happened to her.  I love Sosh’s style.  Natasha Lyonne appearance!  And why is she in an odd equestrian outfit? and why does she say unconscionable a billion times?  Marnie’s mom’s phone case!!?  Elijah’s ex boyfriend has brunch with the lisas!  I googled what Moussaka was.

Celebrity Apprentice season 14 cast at Pie Face Set 2

The celebrity apprentice is my favorite reality tv show on tv right now.  Am I team Brandi or Kenya????  Brandi ALLL DAY!  I gotta white girl booty too.  And Brandi showed up with 40k to bring to that fund raising challenge!  Did I mention I really like this show??!


Fashion Police last night… I have severely missed Fashion Police 50% for the fashion 50% for Joan Rivers… so I was only 50% satisfied with last night’s show… idk if they were being easy on Kathy the first show, because obviously she can’t and won’t be Joan – I just didn’t think it was vulgar/shocking enough like it was with Joan… I used to scream watching Joan Rivers say the most absurd dirtiest things on the show… and last night was totally tame in comparison.  Maybe it’ll be a whole different kinda show and I need to just except that.


I’ve watched the 1st episode – but I didn’t see last nights…but I will comment on last weeks episode… I am shocked that he kept the drunk girl, and a few others… but you don’t really know everything, it’s all edited… and I REALLY do think they tell him like we’d really like if you kept these girls or influence him in some way or another.  Right?  Don’t you think?


TMZ is saying that Real Housewives of NJ will “hibernate” until Teresa is out of prison… Which I guess I am okay with.  I can wait if it means Teresa’s coming back.


ANNND I leave you with Jennifer Lopez…  No words…. just stare at her.