Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

big brother

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!!  Yes… the end of Amanda Zuckerman living in the Big Brother house… I mean it HAS to be, right?  Something can’t possibly go wrong and she stays?


I am 100% team Elissa or Gina Marie!!!


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


NF… I THINK he needs an earlier bed time.  He goes to bed at 9 PM and I am struggling to wake him up at 7:30 AM.  But then I don’t want to go ruining nap time?  I am seriously thinking 8:30 PM might have to be the new bed time, and maybe we’ll keep it 9 PM on the weekends?  It’s true, kids bed times get earlier as they get old, and their naps slowly disappear?

Amanda on Big Brother 15… the WORST!  AH she really can’t get any more worse can she?!  She’s awful!


Gina Marie, Elissa, or Judd…. ANY ONE of these three can win it and I’d be happy.  I am so tired of the rest of the house!

Oh and Amanda’s tramp stamp… gross.

Let’s end this on a more positive note… I need something to think about other than Big Brother 15 drama that makes me crazy…..ummm…. 54 days until the next episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


NF’s godmother, Aunt Sammy Sam, is watching him for the next two days while I’m at work.  He didn’t even care when I left, he was all like, “buh bye!!”  She sent me this picture of NF letting her puppy out… and yeah… that is a 2nd floor appartment porch… and yeah… it does freak me out a little bit… but NF will survive (he will right?) and it’ll good change up for him.


Lana Del Rey… I’m so into her right now.  I remember when she was on SNL and sang Blue Jeans and Video Games.  You can view that here… snl performance Lana Del Rey on Perez… or the video on vimeo here.  I am so loving her song Summertime Saddness.  She’s totally on repeat right now.  Video Games performance Lana Del Rey on Perez.  She’s so stunningly beautiful.

I AM SO OVER Amanda on Big Brother 15.  Totally team Elissa!!!  Unfortunately I think that Amanda will just ruin everything and win the game, after not winning anything ever in the game.  Oh, and I hate that picture of her… but I put it up anyway.

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

big brother


I am totally cool with Elissa getting MVP 3 weeks in a row, keep them coming!  … I almost even voted for her, until I realized I had to sign in or something and that was too difficult on my kindle.  If Elissa wins this whole season…. and being MVP helped her… I don’t care either.  Merica is choosing Elissa sooooo if she wins that’s fine.

ginamarie ginamarie2

Did anyone else think it was hilarious/weird that Ginamarie carried around a pair of redshorts to cry/blow her nose into after Nick left?  Oh, and did you think it was hilarious/weird that she was acting this way after knowing Nick a couple weeks?


I have all of Teresa Giudice’s books (secret: I haven’t made anything from her books).  But I am dying to get them signed by her.  She has signings all the time but mostly in New Jersey.  Come on Tere come to a book store near me!  Maybe that should be in my totally trying August edition – to actually make one of Teresa’s recipes.


I was thinking of getting this headband – since Spencer Hastings wore it on PLL… and it’s $14 at Urban Outfitters…. but I didn’t….


Lastly, I want Melissa Gorga’s sweater from last episode to lounge in.  I read that it is or is very similar to Victoria Secret Pink Longsleeve V Neck Raglan Top.  I need to look into this.

Thursday Thoughts



The WINNER of the American Baking Competition…. BRIAN EMMETT (sorry if you were planning to watch this and I ruined it for you).  Brian’s not who I wanted to win.  I decided from the beginning of the last episode I wanted Darlene Pawlukowsky to win, and I was going to buy her book.  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing Brian’s (sorry).

Here is a link to Darlene Pawlukowsky’s Peanut Cake Roll and Brian’s Peanut Vanilla Chiffon Rolle

I am so sad this show is over!!!  I hope they do another season.

I’ll be traveling tonight during the Big Brother eviction… If Elissa leaves I’ll stop watching the show (that’s probably not true) – but I will be really sad.

big brother mean girls

(I found this on tumblr and it’s hilarious and perfect!)

Thursday Thoughts (a day late)

Today is FRIDAY and I’m doing Thursday Thoughts with Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  I know, I’m a day late, but yesterday was the 4th of July!
We were celebrating all day!

american baking comp
We’re down to the final 3!!!!  I was so sad to see Elaine Francisco and James Reddick go!  But I couldn’t argue with the judges decision.  Actually ever episode I’ve agreed with the judges choice of who goes home.  Here’s a link to Darlene Pawlukowsky’s apple/pear/cranberry Tarte Tatin.
Exciting news… I reached out to Carlo Fuda, one of the contestants on The American Baking Competition, and he agreed to do a little interview with me for the blog!  Soo that’s coming soon!

big brother
For big brother news…. I am SOOOOOO glad that Elissa wasn’t the first one out of the house.  I’d probably stop watching all together.
I really didn’t care to see David go (sorry David).  Your “showmance” with Aryan was making me feel dumb.  (and yeah I know, watching big brother 3 nights a week isn’t the most intelligent activity, but watching that relationship “develop” made it much worse).  And I JUST read about David saying his sheets smelled because “black Candice” sat on them.  And Aryan responded with something like, “at least you didn’t make Asian eyes in the diary room.”  Totally NOT cool.  I hope Aryan’s the next to go.
So long David.

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


I framed NF’s first painting last night.  I love it!


image credit

Big Brother started last night and I wasn’t intending on watching it… but since it was on when The American Baking Competition usually is on – I watched it.  Annddd that’s all I need is one episode and I’m hooked.


image credit:

My early favorite is Rachel’s sister, Elissa.  Rachel is from one of the only other seasons I’ve seen.  I watched that season while I was pregnant.


That’s Rachel, Elissa’s sister.  The most entertaining person on big brother ever (at least that I know of).  And they look A LOT alike.

american baking comp

LAST night, after big brother, was The American Baking Competition… my newest favorite summer time show (I hope they have another season!!!).  My three favorite contestants right now… (yeah I have three)…


Elaine Francisco, James Reddick, and Francine Bryson.  I would be happy if any of these three won the competition.  Ah even Darlene Pawlukowsky winning would make me happy.  So the show’s down to  5 people and I just realized that I’d be happy with anyone winning except Brian Emmett.  Sorry Brian if you’re reading this (the contestants have been finding my blog).

Last night James Reddick made a chocolate souffle in the technical bake challenge.  The recipe for it is here.  He had never made one before and he won the challenge… I was SO happy for him!  He would have been star baker if he hadn’t totally screwed up the show stopper.  You can find all the recipes that puts up here.


On the Bachelorette this week… Ben was sent home.  Bye bye Ben!



Anyone read the Real Housewives blogs?  The comments are BRUTAL!  I read the blogs sometimes and then think about commenting… then I read some of the comments and I think whoaaaaaaaaa… don’t really wanna jump into that cyber cat fight!  Why are they so harsh and crazy?!  People are wayyyy to into Teresa’s drama.