So What Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I’m saying so WHAT if…

  • I was so into Juan Pablo and then was totally let down.  Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban mom found this link explaining what Juan Pablo said to Clare in the helicopter… ugh… dislike him even more.  But it’s TV so so what… I just felt like I watched the whole season and it was disappointing.
  • I have the filet o fish delicious McDonald’s song stuck in my head.
  • I gave up elevators for lent – even though I typically don’t come across elevators.
  • I am excited for Andi to be the next bachelorette… but can I really handle another let down and another season… probably.
  • Donald Trump was in town today and I WISH I got to see him… but then I heard he was charging people $500 to get your picture taken with him and I was like sayyywhaa?  No thanks.
  • I might watch Finding Nemo on average these days 4 times a week… “curse you aqua scummmm!!!” (view that part of the movie here)
  • I did 150 deep squats today and I’m wondering what my legs will feel like tomorrow.
  • I’d pay Eddie Money $5k to play at my wedding for an hour… you think he’d do it for that???  I don’t think I’d go higher than that… just a thought… oh and no I’m not engaged.
  • Sooo I’d THINK I’d like another baby before I’m 30… and I’ll be 28 in May… oh man I just thought I was going to be 29 in May.  Is that what happens when you get older?  You forget how old you are!
  • I got a stop sign ticket SO WHAT… I really did stop ya know.