Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


AHH I love him… so many things NF does that I want to remember, the way he says “scoop over” instead of scootch over.  He woke up at 6:15 this morning and crawled into bed with me.  He told me his new shirt scared him and he couldn’t wear it this morning, but I didn’t give in and change it.  He tried strawberry milk for the first time today too.


NF’s so lucky to have an amazing Aunt and soon to be Uncle.



What’s your favorite thing at Panera?  I feel like I go there at least once a week.  Especially with C gone for work two weeks at a time… we frequently visit Panera.  NF likes the chocolate chip muffie (muffin top) and he calls it a muffin cookie.  I like to get the half sandwich half salad.  I always get the Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT (although last time I went my avocado was hard and not ripe at all) and I’ve been trying every salad.  I want to branch out, what’s your go to order for Panera?

do us a flavor

AHHHH it’s that time of year again!!!  Lay’s do us a flavor contest!!  This years flavors are…. kettle cooked greektown gyro, wavy west coast truffle fries, southern biscuits and gravy, and new york reuben.  WHOA, where to start?  Okay the gyro… I don’t think I will like this… I am assuming it will taste like tzatziki and lamb flavor?  Truffle fries, can’t go wrong right?  southern biscuits and gravy, I like the idea of this, especially since there is no chicken flavor involved, but it could be bad. And the Reuben?  SO many flavors go into a Reuben, will it taste like ryebread, swiss cheese, russian dressing, sauerkraut, AND corned beef????  How?!!!  Last year (2014) these were my thoughts on the flavors… wasabi ginger, pretty good, I liked it as the kettle chip (I feel like kettle chips have a head start on the rest).  The cappuccinio chips, gross, they had a throw up after taste.  I didn’t try the bacon mac & cheese or the mango salsa… wish I had.  My thoughts for the 2013 chips… Chicken and waffles, weird it tasted like maple syrup and chicken.  Sriracha, love.  And cheese garlic bread, alright.  I think it’s so crazy that canada has a whole other SET of flavors… OMG that reminds me… I need to call my cousin in Calgary asap.  I need to try them ALL.


Big brother news… I’m loving the twin twist.


Why does John scream everything in the diary room… I know it’s like a big brother thing, but he takes it to another level.


My Favorite to win the whole thing is hands down Vanessa.  She’s super cool.  She might have a melt down tonight?  We’ll see!


So much is going on with the Don lately.  Fox news is constantly talking about him.  Here’s what I know… June 16th he says he’s running for prez 2016.  June 28th he says he’s giving up TV the apprentice to run for president.  June 29th NBC says they are done with Trump because of the derogatory statements he said about immigrants.  Today everyone finds out he is worth 10 billion.  HERE are my thoughts.  I’m mad about the apprentice, I really liked that show and he made it good… I would never watch it if George Lopez was the host.  As for him running for president, I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens.


I got this dress from Old Navy… and I love it.


I’m pretty upset about Scott and Kourtney.  I don’t want it to be the end.


My friend J asked me to be her bridesmaid last week with the awesome bottle of wine asking me!!  I said yes of course.  So many weddings!!  So exciting!


Thursday Thoughts



Okay… is it bad to eat like 100 cough drops in one day?  I’ll google it.  mmmm I guess there is no real problem with it.


I don’t know about you… but I am pretty excited about The Celebrity Apprentice.  I am so ready to see the Brandi and Kenya hate each other.  I am ready for Donald to fire everyone… I love the cast I know who every single person is this season… wait that isn’t true I didn’t know who Jamie Anderson (snow boarder) or Lorenzo Lamas (actor from grease) were.


Is this not the funniest picture you’ve ever seen?  I can’t believe Ariana Grande was actually hit by an angel wing and her reaction was totally caught on camera.  I love her.


Golden Globe news… uhhh where is the Modern Family nominations?  I kind of expected Mad Men to drop off but not Modern Family?!  And yes, smellen, I will start watching Jane the Virgin… but only because it’s up for a nomination not just because you told me to.


STILL hoping Natalie wins Survivor!!  LOVE the sri lankan twins!!


So What Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I’m saying so WHAT if…

  • I was so into Juan Pablo and then was totally let down.  Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban mom found this link explaining what Juan Pablo said to Clare in the helicopter… ugh… dislike him even more.  But it’s TV so so what… I just felt like I watched the whole season and it was disappointing.
  • I have the filet o fish delicious McDonald’s song stuck in my head.
  • I gave up elevators for lent – even though I typically don’t come across elevators.
  • I am excited for Andi to be the next bachelorette… but can I really handle another let down and another season… probably.
  • Donald Trump was in town today and I WISH I got to see him… but then I heard he was charging people $500 to get your picture taken with him and I was like sayyywhaa?  No thanks.
  • I might watch Finding Nemo on average these days 4 times a week… “curse you aqua scummmm!!!” (view that part of the movie here)
  • I did 150 deep squats today and I’m wondering what my legs will feel like tomorrow.
  • I’d pay Eddie Money $5k to play at my wedding for an hour… you think he’d do it for that???  I don’t think I’d go higher than that… just a thought… oh and no I’m not engaged.
  • Sooo I’d THINK I’d like another baby before I’m 30… and I’ll be 28 in May… oh man I just thought I was going to be 29 in May.  Is that what happens when you get older?  You forget how old you are!
  • I got a stop sign ticket SO WHAT… I really did stop ya know.

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday


My little Fam: This picture is from Nicky Flash’s (that’s what I’ve been callin him lately) 1st birthday party.  Next month he’ll be 1 1/2!  I can’t believe it!

image credit:

image credit:

Cheeky Monkey Tomato Garlic Dipping Oil: Holy Moley.  Cheeky Monkey Foods have a kiosk in the new part of the Syracuse Mall, Destiny USA, formally known (but still known by me) as Carousel Mall.  You can try samples there of this amazzzzing dipping oil.  I LOVE to dip bread into flavored oil… it’s like my favorite thing to do.  I still really do love Pastabilities Spicy Tomato Oil too.  This tastes different though.  Cheeky Monkey is strangely sweet and also spicy all at the same time.  Check it out here.

drunk uncle

Drunk Uncle: I am pretty positive he’s my favorite part of SNL like ever.


Dennis Rodman Fired From All-Star Celebrity Apprentice:  And why did he get fired??  Because they miss spelled Melania’s name on their ad which is the name of the product they were promoting.  Aint no body got time for spell check!!


Chelsea Houska’s Hair: I’m always lovin this girl’s hair.


Andy Dick’s Dance Monday night on DWTS: WHAT!?  Yeah.  I liked it.  And I cried.  It had to have been the song choice, Hallelujah.  That song alone can make you burst into tears.  I was weeping riiight along with Carrie Ann Inaba… but Nicholas wasn’t into it and he tried ruining the moment by playing with his toys that play long obnoxious songs.  I didn’t let that distract me though – I stayed focused and I let the tears flow.  Writing that felt ridiculous, but that’s really how it all happened.


This picture: I found this picture on Going the Distance blog.  It makes me happy.

All Star Celebrity Apprentice so far…


I previously predicted the order in which the celebrities would leave.  To my big suprise… no celebrity has quit on their own yet (which happens a lot).

This is what I guessed….

  1. Bret Michaels
  2. Dennis Rodman
  3. Lisa Rinna
  4. Brande Roderick
  5. Claudia Jordan
  6. Gary Busey
  7. Dee Snider
  8. Omarosa
  9. Marilu Henner
  10. Penn Jillette
  11. Stephen Baldwin
  12. Trace Adkins
  13. Lil Jon (WINS IT ALL!!)

This is what’s REALLY happened so far….

  1. Bret Michaels (not fair because I knew that before I made my list)
  2. Dee Snider
  3. La Toya Jackson (who I didnt even have in my list for some reason)
  4. Claudia Jordan
  5. Omarosa

mmmm not really getting them right so far… but the people I have in the final 5 are all still there!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice


I feel like I’ve been waiting for-ev-er for this season to start!  I love celebrity apprentice, but ALL STAR celebrity apprentice ahhh!!

After knowing who is off first because the internet can’t keep a secret THIS is my prediction order list of “you’re fired” (or I quit, which happens SO much on that show)…

  1. Bret Michaels (suprise?  he already won a pervious season, give another celeb a shot)
  2. Dennis Rodman (Have you seen him on TV lately for his new friendship with North Korea?  – his interview with George Stephanopoulos was totally bizzare)
  3. Lisa Rinna
  4. Brande Roderick
  5. Claudia Jordan
  6. Gary Busey
  7. Dee Snider
  8. Omarosa
  9. Marilu Henner
  10. Penn Jillette
  11. Stephen Baldwin
  12. Trace Adkins
  13. Lil Jon (WINS IT ALL!!)