So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I ate an entire (well ALMOST) pineapple to induce labor Monday night and it didn’t work


  • I keep thinking if I bake I’ll go into labor… and it doesn’t work… but NF likes it…


  • I was really pumped about this ceramic container I found at wegmans for $5.99 so I can heat up a whole can of soup… it’s perfect!


  • I am still pregnant and tomorrow is my due date
  • Everyone I see asks me when my due date is and when I say, “tomorrow” they look at me like I am absolutely insane… maybe that’s because they’re asking me at the gym or at work… yeah I went to the gym and work 39 weeks 6 days pregnant…
  • fashion police is just NOT the same without Joan or Kelly…. and Nene hates everything… unless it’s Beyonce.. you’re unoriginal Nene… branch out girl
  • I keep waiting for my water to break or contractions to start and… nothing
  • I packed my hospital bag Monday… I should have weeks ago seeing as NF was born 2 weeks early… but turns out I really didn’t need to anyways!
  • I started following the mom on Fresh Off The Boat and to my surprise she loves bunnies
  • I am 9 months pregnant and I still average 12k steps a day… take that people who sit too much!!!!
  • I really am disliking this weather… like seriously, this weather I am SO over it
  • my friend who was due March 4th had her baby on Monday… WTF……. I was expecting to have mine┬áback on Feb 4th and her to have her baby later in March and this just went totally NOT how I thought it would… my baby is technically OLDER than hers, but not any more because she was born first… so weird to think about isn’t it?