So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I am tired… so so tired
  • NF told the lady who cuts his hair he wants it cut like Jack from Super Why… who is Jack from Super Why?  Do you mean Jack and the never land pirates (which until JUST now I thought it was Jack and the big Pirates because that’s what NF calls it).
  • C is in Arizona for another two weeks.. see ya
  • I have a headache right now
  • I keep complaining in my so what Wednesday which probably isn’t entertaining to read
  • I have a dentist appointment today and I hope I don’t still have a headache during it
  • I wish NF would go to bed before 10 PM… it is getting ridiculous
  • I love real housewives of ny more than oc but I love that I get to watch two housewives episodes in a week
  • I am so pissed at Scott Disick, but I am in denial of the break up, they’re not really over
  • I wish Ariana Grande was just like her character, Cat Valentine.  I was seriously disappointed when I found out she didn’t really talk like that.
  • I want to shout out to Frankie (Ariana’s brother) who was in the Big Brother audience last week
  • I think Audrey on big brother is so crazy… crazier than day.
  • I haven’t watched Sunday’s episode of True Detective yet… and I almost don’t care
  • My friend thought that cheerleader song was “jelly bear” not cheerleader… and I died… like what’s a jelly bear?  and she said like a big curvy girl?  OH I think that I found myself a jelly bear she is always right there when I need her…