So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I swear something is wrong with my furnace and I really REALLY want spring to come BAD… -19 windchill weather is really not good for anything
  • I was fairly uncomfortable when Jade showed Chris her nude pictures on The Bachelor.. I kinda wish she told him earlier so he could have gotten rid of her earlier, and the boat singer coulda been on longer (cruise ship Carly)!
  •  I want a remote starter for my car – and I am worried, I am forgetting where I came from?  an apartment here I could not see my car and didn’t have 2 keys to start my car and get back into my apartment etc… so am I getting spoiled where I am like harrumph I wanna remote car starter mmmaaaaaahhhhh I love dvr mahhhhhh.  WHO AM I TURNING INTO!?  I appreciate all of it.  I swear!
  • the treadmill I recently inherited (is that the right word even if no one passed?) needs to be adjusted/fixed… I have to have it on an incline of at least 4… speed at least 3.5 and just socks or it sticks/skids.  I’ve googled this…. and just like my furnace I am like whaaaaaaaaaaa someone please come and fix it??
  • NF said to me this morning… “NOT to say no to pretzels DON’T say no have to eat it.”  ohhhh you.
  • Fashion Police is basically one of my favorite shows… but it’s just not the same without Joan Rivers… rip
  • I was extremely disturbed by the video of afroman punching that girl on stage… I wish I never saw it
  • I am thinking what the heck songs do wiz khalifa even have out besides black and yellow?  am I just not in with the rap scene?  I know I’ve researched this before… I just wish he was still with Amber Rose.
  • the last episode (AKA the finale) of the celebrity apprentice is boring to me
  • I am not eating meat today
  • I am terrified to get sick again like I did in December
  • I love the song I’m in love with the coco
  • I’m obsessed with diamond candles