What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

Today is Wednesday and I’m loving…


NF: He’s saying new words literally everyday it’s crazy!  Newest to the list: cereal, nino, oh man.  I LOVE it!  I also really love that nf calls most animals “kitty” and does the most adorable high pitched soft meow with his head down, like he’s really concentrating on that meow.  I melt.

the future

The future: I’m doing it.  I’m finally doing the things I NEED to do to buy a home.  No more waiting, there is no perfect time for anything.  Carpe diem!


Just coffee: Yeah, just some plain regular coffee.  I’m loving it.

sichuan peppercorns

Szechuan peppercorns: Now that I’m taking Chinese cooking classes… I felt the need to go out and purchase a lot of what I need to make traditional Chinese dishes…. now I’m the proud kitchen owner of szechuan peppercorns.  I feel really authentic cooking with these.  (and dried red chilies)  I made Kung Poa Chicken Monday!  (it did not turn out as good as it did when I was in class… so I didn’t post any pictures).


Britney Spears – Work Bitch: This song comes on and I am READY.  Ready to dance, ready to work out, ready to make money.  Cause yeah I wanna Bugatti, hot body, Maseratti, Lamborghini, and live in a big mansion.

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Nicky Flash, I love you!!!  But you’re pretty dramatic… I don’t let you run around with a soda can and you’re throwing yourself to the ground crying then you start laughing then you cry again??  I mean- I’ll help you, I’ll hide the can so you forget about it, I’ll let you work it out yourself, I’ll distract you, whatever you need.

Dear Smellen, I’m excited for you to run errands with Nicky Flash and me tomorrow – I know NF is excited too!

Dear Lady who almost hit my car, I was totally unaware of my incredible driving reflexes I demonstrated this morning.  Who backs up without looking at that speed?  I was able to swerve, avoid you smashing into my car, and a get a tiny toot honk in there (not too aggressive).  I could tell you were mortified.  That’s why I gave a little, ‘everything’s fine since nothing technically happened’ wave, and drove off.  The last thing you probably needed was some crazy lady screaming at you about how you ALMOST hit their car.  (I’ve had people do that to me, and it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and just plain terrible).  So it’s all good!  But I really hope that never happens again.

Dear Coffee, I really love you.

Dear NFL draft, WHO CARES.  I can’t stand college football, unless it’s Syracuse… so I pretty much don’t know who any of these guys are… and it goes on forever.  I can look up who my favorite NFL team drafted later, when it’s over.

Dear Fantasy Football, should I do you this year?  Will the boys allow me in?  I’ve won in the past, but maybe since the last season I played I had a BABY during it (and lost), they won’t remember how serious I am about it, they’ll let me back in, and I will win!  Or do I just want to seperate myself from all the FF and hide like I did last season?  I’ve got time to figure it out.

Dear TV shows we’re losing this year,

  • Dear 30 Rock, I’ll miss you.  You left at a good time.
  • Dear Don’t Trust the B, WHHHHHYYYYY you left me too soon!!!  Whhyy!?  And I’ll never know what happens!!
  • Dear Breaking Bad, you were one crazy show.
  • Dear The Office, I love you, I stuck with you until the very end.  I feel horrible saying it… you should have ended when Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin.
  • Dear Private Practice, how did this grey’s spin off last so long?  Sorry, I didn’t ever watch you.

Dear ABC’s Nashville, 4 more episodes left in season 1.  I can’t WAIT for the finale!  Wait, yes I can… then I have to wait all summer for it to come back on again.

Dear Mindy Kaling, I think you’re great!

Sunday Social


What is your shopping weakness?

Yoga pants.  I will fork over a decent amount of money for some good ones and I can’t resist.  My favorite, Victoria Secret.

What is your food weaknessing ?

That’s easy.  Chocolate.  I will easily consume a whole bag (in about 3 days) of dove dark chocolate minatures I keep in the freezer.


What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on?

I really like Thelma & Louise.  I can also watch Clueless a million times.

thelma and louise

What is your go to breakfast food?

Bagel or Cereal.  Boooring.

Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it?

Only about 3 cups a day!  And I take it with a little half and half that’s all.

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday

I decided to do “What I’m Loving Wednesday”. http://www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com/ does this on wednesdays and she gets it from http://littledaisymay.blogspot.com/.

I’m loving…


Nicholini: Oh my sweet baby boy.  He’s the greatest.


Coffee with cream only: I love a cup of coffee.  MAYBE too much.  Last Saturday I drank an entire pot and I was a shakey mess.  I am on my 2nd cup today so far.


State Farm Insurance: I had a silly accident yesterday morning.  Can I call it silly yet or is it too soon?  I was dropping Nicholas off at Maria’s.  I pulled in her drive way – and decided to leave the car running while I dropped him off since it was cold.  WELL, I didn’t have the car in park.  I got out of the car while it was still in drive and the car, with nicholas in it, drove into her house.  I jumped back into the car and stopped it – but my car did some serious dent damage to her garage door… o…m…g… what do you do?  what do you say?  THANKFULLY I called up state farm and they acted like I was totally normal and they’re doing a wonderful job taking care of things.


Indian food: I never eat indian food… except for when someone I work with, who is from India, has a baby and invites me over to meet their baby and eat a LOT of Indian food.  This happens like once a year… and it’s happening TODAY!  Yum!  At least I hope they’re serving Indian food.  If they order a vegatarian pizza I will be so sad.


Mindy Kailings Valentine’s day dress: Why did Danny make her change into the black dress?!  Like when else would it be amazingly appropriate to wear such a fun winter-time red dress?!  (I guess Christmas).  BUT yet again I found that this dress is crazy over priced…. orig price $425 on sale for $170 at bloomingdale’s… damnnn Mindy your wardrobe is ridic. http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/reiss-sequin-dress-alison-detachable-collar?ID=674849&PartnerID=LINKSHARE&cm_mmc=LINKSHARE-_-n-_-n-_-n&LinkshareID=QFGLnEolOWg-CL3WaR6BO_LtjB.gYWlR1w


Jeopardy Teen Tournament: On a normal week night my routine includes Wheel and Jeopardy.  I love the tournaments on Jeopardy.  An added bonus to the teen tournament is that I get to shout out a lot more answers than I do with the regular show.  Right now I want Leonard Cooper from Little Rock, AR to win.  I do NOT want Barrett Block from Lexington, KY to win.


Clinton Kelly: I’m always loving Clinton Kelly.  He’s totally the best.

A tall java chip frap no whip for $4 and change please


Feeling down?  Feeling stressed?  Feeling unfullfilled?  Feeling like you need a reason to smile?  Uhhh ignore the price and get a tall java chip frap (without whip so you’re being healthy).  ANNNDD all your problems will go away for a moment.