Thursday Thoughts



So last night C was home for the first time since July 5th… and it was my night to run away.  As soon as we got home I bolted out the door.  First I got a pedicure… ahhhmazing.  I picked black for my toes.  Sometimes I go the darkest purple imaginable, but this time I just went black.  Afterwards I went straight to PF Changs and ordered the lettuce wraps I’ve been dreaming about for weeks.  I dined alone, which I don’t know if I’ve ever done at a real restaurant?  But I didn’t care at all I was just SOOOO happy to eat this meal.


Oh yeah, we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s… which NF calls “Chuckacheese” and per tradition we got our picture taken.


I ate this dog Justin Bieber inspired dark chocolate brought back from Germany and it was seriously SO good.


NF’s learning to swim!


NF helps me with the garbage!


Vicki from real housewives of orange county has similar taste as my sister because she has these vases!  (I took this picture of the tv)

In Big Brother news…


  • Shelli’s copying Vanessa’s sunglasses inside look
  • I loved the whackstreet boys
  • Can Audrey get in trouble for not going to the veto meeting?
  • I now know what a #9 crown is
  • Did Shelli really cry over a letter from her dog?  (That was obviously not actually written by her dog)
  • What’s with Judas?
  • Liz’s voice keeps getting deeper and deeper and I love it
  • John keeps getting louder and louder and it confuses me… why is he yelling?

msgm blue blossom dress

I ordered this dress from rent the runway and it’s coming today (MSGM blue blossom dress)…. YESTERDAY they emailed me to tell me that they could only send me it in one size because the second size was not able to ship (damaged or not returned)… WHAT… so they are sending me this dress in a size 42 (Italian sizing, which is totally confusing to me) and then sending me THIS dress too (Theia Blue Gradient dress)(which they picked themselves for me)…


Either way I’m super excited to try both of them on and make my pick!


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and here are my Thursday Thoughts…


News alert… NF now eats bagels… that was a surprise.  I told him Sunday that we were going to go get bagels and he told me he wanted one.  I was shocked.  He said, “I want to get a bagel to get big and strong so I can be four and go on the golf course.”  …. wow… I never knew he’d really remember that I said you have to be at least 4 years old to go golfing, what was I thinking?  And I had no idea it’d turn into him wanting to eat bagels….


Chuck E. Cheese…. who knew that I’d put $20 in the token machine only to immediately read afterward no change.  We had way too many tokens.  That’s okay, we’ll have to go back.

lobsterhands lobsterhands2

This is NF pretending to be a lobster at bed bath and beyond.


SO I plan on going to Joey’s for lunch at the end of the work week and getting soup… every time.  Can you believe this giant bowl of soup, hunk of Italian bread, and garlic butter is only $5.39 and it’s the best soup I’ve ever tasted… every time.


and lastly… happy 61st wedding anniversary to my in law grandparents.  wow that is a long time, you’re an inspiration!


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I am so sad Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting divorced… I knew it was coming after this article May 29th.
  • I extremely recently developed a crush (last night) Ben Affleck after watching the first 20  minutes of gone girl… that might change when I finish the movie.  Don’t spoil it for me.
  • I watch movies 20 minutes at a time.  WHAT?!  Sometimes, all you have is 20 minutes… and I like it, drags it out like when you read a book and just finish one chapter…
  • NF likes sleeping in his “jeep sleep car” and bed time has been a breeze the last 3 nights…. but will it last?
  • I put $20 in the token machine at Chuck E. Cheese to then realize it says no change…. we had way too many tokens… looks like we have to go back!
  • I need a painter, an electrician, a roofer, and probably a plummer… asap.
  • I finally am a cartwheel app user at Target now that I finally got a smart phone.
  • I need to start watching the woman’s world cup
  • I am SO relieved the convicts are no longer roaming the woods of upstate new york
  • I can never remember what nights big brother is on.
  • Our back yard hasn’t been mowed since June 5th…. it’s a jungle now