Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are my Thursday thoughts…


I can’t even… he’s the best.  And that football ice cream birthday cake so good!


It still feels like there are 100 people in Cambodia playing survivor.  It seemed like every few minutes someone was giving the finger.  We have Kimmi, Wentworth, Joe, Wiglesworth, Keith, Ciera, Tasha, Savage, Spencer, Jeremy, Stephen, and Abi.  And I LOVEEEEE a #blindside!!  And I love when someone whips out a hidden immunity idol and shocks everyone.  Very good tribal council.


There was also a new modern family on last night… ughh I needed it.  It did not disappoint me either.  It had Cam and Gloria together, which is the best.  And it had just enough Dylan, but I can always have more!  (I am concerned we won’t see Dylan again for a while since they broke up this episode).  I did not care for Alex’s story line which is typical… and Luke’s wasn’t much either.


And I saved The Middle on my DVR… I hope it’s a good one.


Did I just freak you out???  I am probably half done with my Christmas shopping, I think?  I wonder if I will do some black Friday / cyber Monday shopping?


The tie dyed shirt I made at my sister’s bachelorette party came out pretty good!  A men’s medium v neck would normally fit me great for a night shirt… but being pregnant… it’s actually sort of tight.


I did a count down to how many more days until I’ll likely be in labor… we’re under 100 days left.


Does anyone else think that Tamar should have just quit before Alexa was eliminated?


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

NF: I’m loving this boy!  He’s so funny!  I can’t capture too much with my camera since he loves to look at it and stops whatever he’s doing to try to get it.  Oh and he says, “boo boo” now when he gets hurt he shows me where his boo boo is… adorable!

wrapping presents: I could go snap a photo of the presents I’ve wrapped so far – but I’m just too comfy right now to move… so just imagine them.  Last night I wrapped for like an hour and a half after NF went to bed with the American Country Awards in the background (I think it was AMAs? right?)… not that I had too much interest in them, but they were good tv while wrapping.  A Christmas movie could have been better I suppose?  Anyway, I found the activity so relaxing and productive feeling… kinda like folding laundry while watching tv.

One Direction on SNL: I probably watched One Direction sing Story of my life on Hulu 10 times today.  This is so weird… but I have a crush on Harry!  WHY?!  He sings the best part of the song (which seems like they’re just repeating the same thing over and over but Harry gets to belt it out and stand in the middle and have strangely hot hair).

Victorias Secret Fashion Show: Monday night C said to me, “your favorite thing is on TV tomorrow.”  me, “what’s my favorite thing on TV?”  “that victora secret thing.” me, “oh yeahh I totally forgot about that.” ………… Tuesday night at 8 PM, C said to me, “that thing is on at 10 on CBS.”  HAHAHA… are you sure it’s my favorite thing on TV???  I am so glad he reminded me and then did the research to find out the time and station because I would have missed it.  I lovedddd watching it!  I hated some of the runway outfits (is that what we call them?) the whole pink collection was just gaudy (isn’t it usually though?)… and Taylor and Fall out Boy were good… and I do like the Say Something I’m Giving up on you song… but I LOVED last year with Bieber, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars…

Bento Box: Had one of these for lunch Tuesday… oh my godness.  How amazing.  Wikipedia says, “Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.” — amazing.

My Emmy Thoughts, incase you wanted to know them.


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Last night was the 65th Prime Time Emmy Awards on CBS.  Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who is no longer just known as Doogie Howser, M.D. – in fact I hardly even think of Doogie when I see Neil Patrick Harris these days.  Anyway, I think he did a fine job… despite all the CBS plugs which I know were required and he IS on How I met Your Mother, a CBS show (a show I have never seen ever, and I watch a lot of network television).

NPH Looked flawless, as expected.

Should we start with fashion or the awards?  Okay Fashion it is.

We’ll start with the good…


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Sofia Vergara: Doesn’t she always look amazing?  She can REALLY pull off a red Vera Wang… and $7 mil worth of Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry… whoa… I’d be terrified to wear that expensive of jewelry.  Like literally would be checking every 30 seconds to make sure nothing fell off.

julia louis dreyfus

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Flawless.  I love it.  But does anyone else miss Elaine Benes hair?

heidi klum

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Heidi Klum: Heidi could pull of anything, even harem pants, and no body looks good in those.  So I was happy to see her be risky and fun in this pomegranate Versace sequined dress.

kaley coco

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Kaley Cuoco: Can we call this color pomegranate?  Can we retire chartreuse, and say that pomegranate is the new black?  Cause I love it.

connie britton

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Connie Britton: This was unexpected and looked great on Connie.  So country… and that woman is BRONZE!  Her skin just glows this bronzey skin.

anna gun

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Anna Gunn:  I think this is super flattering.  Also, we need to take notice to Anna’s amazing arms.  She looks great!

tina fey

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Tina Fey: I love a dressed up Tina.  And her nip slip even better!  (I am also LOVING cobalt blue lately ((that’s a lie…always)))

One last one… My fav Sir Elton John’s sparkly cobalt blue jacket.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

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NOW…. It’s time for the NOT so good…

paula abdul

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Paula Abdul: uh oh.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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Zooey Deschanel: Okay, so I didn’t hate this dress… I do like Zooey in blue to match her beautiful eyes… but it wasn’t whimsical like Zooey so I was disappointed.


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Anna Faris: What?  Her hair was so shiny, was it a wig?  And that yellow?

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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Sarah Hyland: It could have been so much more.


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Julie Bowen: Now first of all, I love Julie Bowen.  And she wore the ultimate all time best Emmy’s dress ever in 2012.  See here… Julie Bowen in Monique Lhuillier.  So basically anything after that has to be good… and this was was not it for me.

Now for the awards… We’ll get right into it… (I didn’t list them all, forgive me).

Drama Series Winner: Breaking Bad.  I have no issue with this.  It was exiting that they won!


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Comedy Series Winner: Modern Family… I do love Modern Family.  But this is like their 4th in a row… let’s let another show win… like The Big Bang Theory?


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Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Claire Danes, Homeland.  Okay, I have to admit… I’ve never seen homeland… I was sort of gunning for Connie Britton for Nashville, though I knew she didn’t have a chance.  I know everyone wanted Kerry Washington.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom.  Another show I haven’t seen.  I don’t have HBO or Showtime… and HBO shows do not ever come on netflix.  I feel it is an elite audience that gets to see these shows… ones that pay top dollar for their tv channels…. or have enough effort and time to download the episodes.  I was hoping for Bryan Cranston… but I like Jeff Daniels too.


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Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory, CBS.  Yes!  I love Sheldon Cooper!


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Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep, HBO.  Again, I’ve never seen Veep.  I would have loved to see Amy or Tina win it.

Supporting Actor in Drama Series: Bobby Cannavale, Boardwalk Empire, HBO.  I watched the first season and a half of Boardwalk Empire… basically because I love Steve Buscemi.  I gave up on it.  This win was a shock… I really thought Jonathan Banks would win from Breaking Bad.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad, AMC.  Yes!!  I loved this win!

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Tony Hale, Veep, HBO.  I’ve never seen Veep… but I love Tony Hale (Buster).  I did want to see Bill Hader win.


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Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie, Showtime.  I’ve never seen Nurse Jackie.  I wanted Mayim Bialik to win…. or Jane Krakowski, or Sofia Vergara… but I did like her acceptance speech!  (“I gotta go”).


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Reality-Competition Program: The Voice, NBC.  Come on… why wasn’t American Baking Competition on there!?

Thursday Thoughts

Today’s Thursday and it’s time for Thursday Thoughts…

I see my future in this picture… will this be my son in 13 years texting girls?  (in this picture he has the air conditioning remote).

Last night was the season finale of Big Brother 15.  The final two, Andy Herren and GinaMarie Zimmerman.  Andy played the best game… GinaMarie was more entertaining.  I should have known better to think GinaMarie had a chance.  Duh, Andy is (was?) a public speaking teacher… he did like 1,000x better than GinaMarie at answering the questions.  And is anyone else wondering what’s happening with Nick and GinaMarie now that she’s out of the house?

I used to be a die hard fan (which I thought it was “die heart fan” and I just had to look that up.. and I’m certain I’ve looked that up before).  Anyway, I’ve watched prooobbbabbly 20 of the 26 seasons of Survivor?  I wasn’t going to watch this season, but it happened to be on before the Big Brother season finale (good one CBS).  My thoughts, I like this new dynamic!  Who do I want to win?  Too early to decide.  I am interested in seeing if Colton Cumbie has really changed… and I love that Gervase Peterson is back!  Although, I did not like how he celebrated when their team won, after he proved he couldn’t really swim.


Lorde aka Ella Yelich O’Connor, 16 years old from New Zealand… I’m in  love.  I’m even MORE in love now that I’ve heard her do Royals live here.  I have to admit, I sorta wish she was from NY.

Interview With Carlo Fuda (Contestant from The American Baking Competition)

american baking comp


I contacted Carlo Fuda, a contestant from The American Baking Competition on CBS, and asked him if he’d do an interview with me for the blog!  He said yes!!!

Why do you think CBS chose you to be on The American Baking Competition?

Although born in the United States, practically everything I make is strongly influenced by my personal and direct connection to Italy – I have been there about 30 times, visiting most of the boot, top to bottom, lived there several times, went to school in Florence, worked in Milan, performed with a rock band in Turin, and raised by my awesome parents who are from Italy.  I think CBS selected me for the competition because I brought a unique perspective on baking – one strongly influenced by Italy, but made by a proud American.   
You like to bake… what’s your favorite part of baking?

My favorite part of baking is definitely the sharing and the eating.  I love making food for others – it’s so personal and shows people you care – you want to feed them.  I also love the eating.  Actually, now that I think about it, eating is my favorite part.  

If you could do it all over again… would you still have made Ricotta Easter Pie as your signature pie?

Absolutely. Without. A. Doubt. I bleed red, white, and green, and my Ricotta Easter Pie, which included a spice combination and flavor palate that is common in Italy, truly represents my passion for Italy and the many adventures I have had there.  If going bold means going home, I’m okay with that because it’s important to me to stay true to my essence.

Have you ever been to the Sistine Chapel?

My first trip to the Sistine Chapel was in 1999, and that is one of my most favorite and most memorable trips to Italy (it was with my brother, who is my best friend).  I stood in absolute awe when I visited – I could have stayed looking at every detail for hours.  I have a unique souvenir from that experience – I later got a tattoo of “The Hands of Creation” to always remind me of that trip. 

How hard was the technical bake?

The technical bakes were challenging because you have no idea what to expect.  It could be something you make all the time or something you have never even eaten. 

What is your most favorite Italian baked item ever?

My most favorite Italian baked item ever is the Rum Baba.  It is a small mushroom shaped cake drenched in rum and often filled with cream.  It packs a punch and is so delicious! 

If you had to choose pizzelles, pasticiottis, or cannolis (any flavors) – and you could eat one and not the others for the rest of your life, what would you choose?  (I tried to answer this question myself and I just CAN’T choose!!  So I want to know your thoughts…)

This is a tough one!  I adore pasticiottis (especially lemon), but admittedly have a soft spot for cannolis – They are one of my ‘go-to’s’ when I visit Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.  I love the crunchy shell and many variations of the cream filling (from chocolate to candied fruit).  I have made them so many times with my Zia Concetta who lives in Italy, and her ricotta cream is my favorite that I have ever had.  It’s not that I don’t like pizzelles, but I require gelato sandwiched in-between two when I eat them. 

Who are you closest to on the show, The American Baking Competition?

The most amazing part of this journey has been the friendships.  I got along with everyone – and all of my baking friends were a pleasure to meet.  As you know, Whitney is my girl.  I’m very close with Effie and Francine – I talk to them almost daily, and not only are they dear friends, they are my baking mentors.  They are amazingly talented!
Was Jeff Foxworthy hilarious?  

Not only is Jeff hilarious, but he is one of the most sincere and sweetest people I have ever met.  I loved talking to him about his trips to Italy, which of course would lead to conversations about food, la dolce vita, and limoncello! 
Is Marcela Valladolid as beautiful in person as she is on tv?

 More so.  I admire Marcela so much – she is beautiful inside-out.  I love her style, appreciate her expertise, and respect her admiration for her cultural heritage, which is something I can definitely relate to.  

What is your most favorite memory from being on the show, The American Baking Competition?

My most favorite memory from being on the show was the finale party where all of the eliminated contestants surprised the three finalists along with their families.  It was so much fun and so exciting!  I remember laughing a lot that day, and we got to fill up on the finale showstoppers.  YUM!


Thursday Thoughts


Well, I am a BIG fan of the show The American Baking Competition.  This week Whitney Appleton Beery, AND Carlo Fuda visited my blog and left comments.  So cool!


Last night on the show it was bread week!  Darlene made the most amazing looking twist and turn pesto wheel.


I wish that they put that recipe on but they didn’t.  But who am I kidding, bread!?  Aint no body got time for yeast and proofing!  I have to admit, anyone who makes a yeast bread is pretty talented in my world.  Here is Elaine’s Old Fashion Loaf recipe.  This also looked very good!


I think I am just as shocked as everyone else.  This was totally unexpected.  RIP James Gandolfini.

teresa interrogizing

Anyone else catch Teresa Giudice on this week’s episode saying “I’m not interrogizing you sweetheart.”? I love it!!

The Amazing Race Season 22

Well The Amazing Race season 22 is officially over.  I like to write my predictions down at the beginning of elimination shows – and then when it’s over review them.

This was the post I wrote at the beginning of the season

bates and athony

Bates and Anthony – the pro hockey player brothers.  They won the entire race… and I wrote next to them, “yawn” in my predictions.  I am happy that they won, but I really wanted Max and Katie to win.

The Amazing Race

Max and Katie, the newly weds from Buffalo, NY, made it in 2nd place.  I said that they MIGHT be my fav.  They actually were my favorite.  I wanted them to win.

mona and beth

Mona and Beth, the roller derby moms, came in 3rd place.  I originally said, yawn.  They were pretty entertaining… but not that exciting.

The show just sort of ended.  I didn’t think the finale was that crazy compared to any of the other episodes.  I don’t know if I’d invest my time into another season of Amazing Race, but if nothing happens to be on Sunday evenings… I guess I would again.

The Amazing Race…

I HAPPENED to catch the first episode of season 20,354,305,435 on Sunday… (Actually season 22).  I wanted to quickly talk about the couples…  Let’s see if my snap judgments are correct.  I only did pictures of who I found the most interesting.

Bates and Anthony – pro hockey player brothers.  yawn.

Caroline and Jennifer – country singers… yawn.

The Amazing Race

Chuck and Wynona – husband and wife rednecks… a taxidermist with a mullet??  This can’t be real.

David and Conor – father son team that have beaten cancer together… I don’t feel like being emotional.

The Amazing Race

Idries and Jamil – OB/GYN Twins.  What?  Weird.  They can’t top the sri lankan twins from last season.  They actually seemed pretty whiny.

John Erck, Jessica Hoel – a normal boring couple.

Joey and Meghan – youtube hosts… I am not going to check out their youtube… unless they make it past the half way point.

The Amazing Race

Max and Katie – newly weds of four weeks from Buffalo, NY.  They MIGHT be my fav.

Matthew and Daniel – best friend firefighters… they are out already.

Mona and Beth – roller derby moms… yawn.

The Amazing Race

Pamela and Winnie – Asian best friends… they seem like man haters.

TV shows I stay up to date on…


Here is a list of Television shows I stay up to date on (I watch the day it airs or within a day or two).  Tell me what you watch and what’s your favorite.




Raising Hope

Ben and Kate

New Girl

The Mindy Project

Go On

The New Normal

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23


The Middle

The Neighbors

Modern Family




30 Rock

Parks and Recreation

The Office


Last Man Standing

Malibu Country

Shark Tank