Buffalo Chicken Nachos

It’s football season and I’ve been asked to make game day meals/snacks for Sunday.  We’ll take turns every other week we’re in charge of a new kind of nachos (C’s idea not mine)…. soo C made breakfast nachos for week 1.  Week 2 came and I made….. nothing.  I know I’m TERRIBLE!  So I had to redeem myself week 3.  I decided to make Buffalo Chicken Nachos!!!  And I’ll tell you how I made them…

First take 3 thawed chicken breasts, 1 bottle of franks redhot buffalo sauce, and a 1/2 package of ranch seasoning mix.


Put this all in the crockpot on low for like 5 hours.

It’ll come out like this after you shred it with two forks…


Now put it over nachos and sprinkle mozzarella cheese over it.


Put it in the oven on whatever temperature until the cheese melts (I know that’s not very specific but trust yourself, you can judge it).


Have some blue cheese and celery sticks to go along with it and you’re done!