Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


NF’s godmother, Aunt Sammy Sam, is watching him for the next two days while I’m at work.  He didn’t even care when I left, he was all like, “buh bye!!”  She sent me this picture of NF letting her puppy out… and yeah… that is a 2nd floor appartment porch… and yeah… it does freak me out a little bit… but NF will survive (he will right?) and it’ll good change up for him.


Lana Del Rey… I’m so into her right now.  I remember when she was on SNL and sang Blue Jeans and Video Games.  You can view that here… snl performance Lana Del Rey on Perez… or the video on vimeo here.  I am so loving her song Summertime Saddness.  She’s totally on repeat right now.  Video Games performance Lana Del Rey on Perez.  She’s so stunningly beautiful.

I AM SO OVER Amanda on Big Brother 15.  Totally team Elissa!!!  Unfortunately I think that Amanda will just ruin everything and win the game, after not winning anything ever in the game.  Oh, and I hate that picture of her… but I put it up anyway.