Birchbox November 2013 Review


November 2013 Birchbox

It’s NOVEMBER!!  And my birchbox came.


I did not peak this month so everything I received was a total surprise.


This isn’t the entire box.  I did get a chocolate covered pretzel… but when I went to go photograph the box contents the pretzel was NO WHERE to be found???  I KNOW I didn’t eat it.  We’ve got a chocolate covered pretzel thief on the lose… it’s the only explanation… or I lost it?


Aloxxi ColourCare Volumizing and Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner:  I know this it technically two items – but it’s really like one.  I do like getting travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner for traveling… but I hardly travel… but ya know if I ever did.  I like these!  Volume, strength, and color protection are things I like.  — when they say color protection do they mean like color dye?  because I haven’t colored my hair in like 6 years – this my totally natural hair color.  But if it protects my natural color from fading or dullness I like that.


Chella Highlighter Pencil: THIS I am very interested in.  “This pencil conceals, brightens, contours, shapes, lines, and defines… working 10 different ways to help you highlight your natural beauty.”  Sounds good to me!



color club


Color Club Harlem Lights Collection: The color I got is called Baldwin Blues… LOVE IT!  I really liked the gold, Apollo Star, but I am just as happy with the Baldwin Blues.  Those were my two fav from the collection so I’m glad I got one!  Can’t go wrong with a nail polish!



Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzel Flavors – 5 Pack: The sample i received and now can’t find was TINY.  Like a bite size of one of these.  I can’t really tell what size they actually are.  I mean, chocolate covered pretzels – I’ll always like them… $35 for a 5 pack?  I’m not sold.  The flavors sound amazing though, two sprinkles (eh), smooth mint (mmm), toffee crunch (yes yes please!), and toasted coconut (fannncyyy!!).   I’d say these would be fun stocking suffers but for $.

Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!


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WHAT in the WORLD is up with this season of Dancing with the Stars??  Here are my thoughts… So Monday was week 9’s episode… and Elizabeth (Jesse from Save by the Bell) was sent home… So we have Amber Riley, Leah Remini, Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne, and Bill Engvall left.  The past like 7 weeks Bill Engvall is shocked beyond belief that he’s still on the show… and so is the rest of America… WHO is voting for him???  He doesn’t get very good scores… who knew Bill Engvall has such a large fan base.  So on to my next thought…. is it all rigged?  I’ve been watching A LOT of Scandal… and I’m thinking it has to be rigged… like the week with the technical difficulties and no one was sent home… total cover up scandal.  I saw the same thing happen on The X factor – due to technical difficulties no one was sent home.  Conspiracy!!


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I’m in the middle of season 2 of Scandal… it’s a terrific show to binge watch since you’re dying to know what happens at the end of each episode.  It’s on Netflix… I recommend it to everyone.  OH and I love ALL of Olivia Pope’s Clothes… and SPEAKING of…

I was watching season 2 episode 8 the other day – and I saw this dress… and it’s like almost the exact dress my friend wore to her son’s baptism on Sunday… I texted her immediately… we were both so excited that her dress was seen on TV (I love seen on TV clothes).  She was worried about her dress choice, but seeing that Olivia Pope wore it eliminated her apprehension.

And on to my next thought… searching for that dress online I stumbled upon the site and if you’re a true Scandal fan you’ll totally LOVE it.  There’s a Olivia Pope Fashion page and I LOVE IT.  MAYBE I should start collecting Scandal clothes and stop looking at the Pretty Little Liar clothes… ya know cause it’s probably more age appropriate??


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So I’m not THAT into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… but I did watch the first episode… I still need to watch Monday’s episode.  My thoughts on the two new housewives… well Joyce Giraud has the most amazing hair on the planet… and Carlton practices witchcraft.  My rule in life… never trust anyone who practices witchcraft.  (sorry if you’re reading this and do practice witchcraft… I don’t mean to offend).


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I received my birchbox and I got box #18…. and I am still not sure how I feel about… review to come soon.


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Is just barely 2 years old too young for Elf on the Shelf?  Will he get it?  Will I really do the fun things you’re supposed to do with it???  Is it worth the $30??  What are your thoughts?