Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Santa,  you musta been SO hot yesterday at the LEON (noel backwards) event.  NF was so thrilled to see you!


Dear Vermont Family, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH so so so so excited you’re coming to NY this weekend!!!!!!!!!

Dear house, I have been able to cross somethings off my to do list… but just not enough… washer and drier needs to get done next!!

Dear NF, you totally freaked me out when you went up to a car and said “ooo chevrolet!”  like how do you know these things?  You’re 2 1/2!!!  I don’t think I could identify the chevy logo until I was like a teenager?

Dear Smellen, Let’s see the movie Tammy… OMGGGGGGG it looks so so so so so so good.  and I have free movie tickets from like 2 christmas’s ago.


Dear Bingo, you were my birthday present… I just don’t see when I’d have the time to spend a day at the casino.

Dear Massage, you were a Christmas present from this year… I should use you!!!!!

Dear gift cards burnin a hole in my wallet, LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!!  (or really, let’s go to starbucks for a drink and then spend $7.39 at panera… and go to home depot)…

Dear NFL and college Football, can you never come back?  It’s been SO peaceful since February.

Dear Sheri Shepard on The View, So long farewell I will miss you.

 Dear Big Brother 16, I already love you.  Except… Frankie, Ariana grande’s older brother,… I wanted to like him I did… but he is really annoying me already.

Dear Shia Labeouf, I mean whatever gets you in the tabloids?  but you seem like a real d bag… maybe if I got to know you?  I’m not sure.  I think we’d be friends back in the Even Stevens years.


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I made a Game of Thrones joke at work and no body got it.
  • NF wouldn’t eat dinner last night… so I asked him if he would eat dinner if Elsa was there (I think he thought I’d put Frozen on)… so I googled imaged Elsa and pretended to feed her from the computer screen and he ate his dinner.
  • I dislike running into people I know at the grocery store.
  • I had to go to two different Dunkin Donuts to get 100 munchkins and the second one didn’t even have powdered.
  • I totally missed DWTS Monday night because I was busy… and I claim to be a fan… and since no one went home I feel like it’s no big deal.
  • I am highly considering getting giant square-ish black hipster glasses… I just need to make the leap…. and if they were Michael Kors it would be even cooler… or would it?
  • I have NO idea what I want for my birthday… honestly… a day at the casino with my sister playing bingo like last year was pretty good.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: it’s been so hot!  But you’re handling it like a champ.  You don’t know it yet but I’m getting your hair cut really soon!


BINGO: Every so often it’s necessary to spend 5 hours playing bingo… cause you MIGHT just win… but we didn’t.  I thought for sure this time we would, we had two trolls and a Tiki Barber bobblehead (that I used to have in the car – and the sun turned him lighter).


My Dinner at Peach Blossom: Had dinner at the casino at Peach Blossom.  I googled peach blossom and it’s a moth… so that’s not so cool for a resturant name… but whatever, it was very good!

cap it

Cap it: I recieved a few of these to sample at the race I was at.  I am trying one out now – I like it!  What you do is… use any bottle of water (I have a 20 oz Aquafina) put this cap on and push down, and the flavor powder mixture goes into your drink… and then you can drink from the new cap.  I like it because it’s like the squirt bottle caps.  I totally just downed 20 oz of this wildberry pomegranate drink.  Zero calories, sugar free.