Thursday Thoughts


big brother

WHO will go home tonight on BIG BROTHER 15!!??  And why do I care so much…?  It’s Howard, Candice, or Amanda.  Aaryn picked Howard and Spencer to go up – then Spencer won veto, and Aaryn replaced him with Candice.  American is MVP and put Amanda up.  The house still doesn’t know America is MVP.  WHHHAT!  So I think it’s going to be Howard.

bb15 week 5

I asked C who he thinks will go home after recapping him…. he said Amanda cause she didn’t wear a two piece for Mccrae’s birthday.  HA. It’s going to be Howard though… Helen’s in control.

fried food

I am not having ANY fried food starting July 22nd – August 22nd.  Why?  Because THE NY STATE FAIR starts August 22nd and I’d like some fried dough, maybe a bloomin onion, maybe some more fair food…. and if I take an entire month OFF from fried food I think I will feel okay about it.  So far it’s been really easy… it’s been 11 days and all I’ve had to do is turn down an offering of a single fast food hashbrown once.  I guess I don’t really have a problem with it.  Chocolate on the other hand…

candy crush

AHHH I’m late… I know Candy Crush was all the rage months ago… but I’ve finally discovered it.  THANKS for wasting an hour of my night the past 4 nights.  I even played another game up until level 8 to get more candy crush lives…. that’s insane!  What’s REALLY insane is paying for lives… I will NEV-ERR do that… if I do send me to candy crush rehab asap.