Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


Amanda on Big Brother 15: Oh b oh b.  She is such a mean girl!  Meannnn.  I think McCrae is ready to run for the hills, but CAN’T because he’s locked up in a house with her.  Double elimination tonight… I would be suprised if Amanda doesn’t go home.


Hanna’s Bag from last episode of PLL: I frequently check out the WornonTv site to see where the Pretty Little Liars get their clothes from.  This week I saw a bag Hanna had – for $84 from Nordstorm.

bachelorette proposal

Bachelorette finale: FINALLY.  It’s over.  I know a lot of you love this show… but isn’t it the same thing over and over?  This season felt like it went on for years (actually so does Big Brother).  Summer TV are you almost really over?

I guess I really didn’t have much “thoughts” this week.  I plan on seeing either The Heat or We’re The Millers this weekend… do any of you recommend I see one over the other?


So What Wednesday…

It’s So What Wednesday… and this week I’m saying SO WHAT IF…

  • I’m 27 and I watch Pretty Little Liars.
  • watching the bachelorette finale actually really made me want to be proposed to.
  • Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursday nights are Big Brother nights and I wouldn’t mind if there was ONE more day a week it was on (wow).
  • I REALLY envy the Real Housewives of NJ’s homes.
  • All these “so whats” so far have been about TV.
  • I bought these Coach winter boots (Theona) from the factory outlet online for $79 (down from $228 – 65% off) and immediately had buyers regret, tried to call and cancel the order three times (unsuccessfully) and had a mini melt down – had a whole box of dry pasta nuggets fall on my head while making dinner / calling Coach / and feeding a yelling toddler dinner.  I’m okay now, and I have accepted that I will be the new owner of Coach boots soon… I mean come on how could I have not bought them… they were $79 down from $228 (still convincing myself it was a good purchase).

coachbootstheona+wegmans-nuggets+ nfeat = kimcry

  • the only reason I KEEP on walking during my walks – is the map my run ap.  I want to beat my last distance and make a cool design on the roads.  I hope this never gets old.
  • I signed up for Chinese cooking classes and I don’t really know why I picked Chinese.