The Middle Siblings and Sombreros

WELL last night was Wednesday and The Middle was on… and I promised to keep up on Kenny sightings…


Annnndd he’s not in this episode but Sue mentions him in this scene.


WHO is Kenny on the Middle…

The last time we saw Kenny on the Middle was episode 13 season 6 Valentine’s Day VI.  The imdb discripiton says, “Brick learns that his quirky girlfriend wants him to kiss her on Valentine’s Day. Axl struggles with the fact that his girlfriend doesn’t want to do anything romantic.”

FIRST I need to quickly mention another character I am in love with on The Middle… Mrs.Donahue… played by Jen Ray.


Now we’ll spot Kenny…


Tommy Bechtold plays Kenny on the Middle so perfectly.  I also sorta know him… not to sound creepy… He is my friend’s childhood best friend’s brother.  I hung out with him once… however I had too much to drink and wish I had more memories of that fun night with Kenny from The Middle!


Axel’s roommate Kenny on The Middle

I told readers I’d keep up with Axel’s roommate, Kenny, on The Middle.  He is played by actor, Tommy Bechtold.  I SORT of know Tommy.  Okay sort of is a stretch.  He is my friend’s childhood best friend’s brother.  Anyway, I do love The Middle… so I will blog about Kenny.

Season 5 episode 3 – The Potato (aired on 10/8/2013)

Axel complains that he has the worst roommate ever – and says he wants a single dorm… but it’s not going to happen!  Kenny!!!
Omg their room is so realistic right?  We still haven’t seen Kenny’s face at this point.
Axel finds a girl for Kenny to hang out with IN HER dorm room.  But Kenny just dumps a crate clean for her to sit and join him.  Not what Axel had in mind.  ALSO….. all he had to say was that she was level 5 in World of War craft.  Ummm… anyone who is even a little bit familiar with WOW knows it takes like nothin to get to level 5… so was this terrible research on ABC’s writer’s part?  Couldn’t have Tommy told them 5 was not impressive?  Anyone?  Didn’t anyone have any WOW knowledge?
Kenny and the girl make out!  Poor Axel!  His plan backfired.

More Kenny episode recaps to come!!