Axel’s roommate Kenny on The Middle

I told readers I’d keep up with Axel’s roommate, Kenny, on The Middle.  He is played by actor, Tommy Bechtold.  I SORT of know Tommy.  Okay sort of is a stretch.  He is my friend’s childhood best friend’s brother.  Anyway, I do love The Middle… so I will blog about Kenny.

Season 5 episode 3 – The Potato (aired on 10/8/2013)

Axel complains that he has the worst roommate ever – and says he wants a single dorm… but it’s not going to happen!  Kenny!!!
Omg their room is so realistic right?  We still haven’t seen Kenny’s face at this point.
Axel finds a girl for Kenny to hang out with IN HER dorm room.  But Kenny just dumps a crate clean for her to sit and join him.  Not what Axel had in mind.  ALSO….. all he had to say was that she was level 5 in World of War craft.  Ummm… anyone who is even a little bit familiar with WOW knows it takes like nothin to get to level 5… so was this terrible research on ABC’s writer’s part?  Couldn’t have Tommy told them 5 was not impressive?  Anyone?  Didn’t anyone have any WOW knowledge?
Kenny and the girl make out!  Poor Axel!  His plan backfired.

More Kenny episode recaps to come!!