Thursday Thoughts


Guess who’s back back again… the blog is back… tell a friend…

Welllll hellooooo there.  Did I surprise you!  How’s your Thursday going?  It’s been a MINUTE!  I know you missed this… all those devoted readers (my sister, TMD… occasionally my cousin… and I don’t really know who else).

SO here are some long over due Thursday THOUGHTS:


I just finished season 5 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Which ironically came out June barely over a year ago (June 9th 2017)… this works out great for me because Season 6 comes out in July.  Anyone who watches this series and wants to discuss it with me def can… just message me.  IDK if I want to give any spoilers out on here as of right now.


The latest ending of the season black ish got me so emotional!  Dre and Bow omg… I was really scared they were over with… and that would have taken the show in a dark direction and I was not happy about it!


I was LOVING the 8 episodes that aired of Roseanne.  I mean really looking forward to the next season and more to come.  My favorite characters were obviously the OG.  Very sad news it was canceled because of Roseanne.  Waiting to see what will happen next…


Are you playing HQ trivia?  It’s an app trivia game and I highly recommend it.


Luann De Lesseps mug shot is everythingggggg.


This sandwich I ate 2 weeks ago… also is everythinggggggg (literally because the bread was called everything).


This Lagom book… loves it.


My boys and me on my birthday ❤  Seriouslyyy though.  I love them so MUCH!


AHH I am obsessed with them.


I can’t stop following this like 25 day (and going) relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande (who I followed BOTH of them before they got together).  ENGAGEDDDD!?  Ohhh this is Instagram story goldddd.


And I’ll leave you with this cute picture of my youngest baby I will call VB on here.


Friday Letter’s

Friday letters

Dear summer tan, I’ve given up on you already.

Dear NF, I love that you say, “hey, can you please scoop over” while sticking your butt into someone instead of saying scoot.  You’re going to see more fireworks tonight!!  And I love that you’re so excited.

Dear taffy, I don’t really like you that much.

Dear Ariana Grande, ok, so you apologized twice… but what about licking the donuts… are you going to explain that part??

Dear instagram, I feel a real connection with the celebs now, thank you.

Dear Scott Disick, why oh why oh why… I am always routing for you and Kourtney!!

Dear Smellen, you don’t eat mcdonalds happy meals now that you’re getting married within 6 months… I SEE HOW IT IS.  I really wanted to up my chances of getting the cave man minion that says “what the f…”  thanks a lot.  Oh but I do appreciate for those free baseball tickets you got… that was nice.

Dear True Detective, I’m losing interest.

Dear Shimmer and Shine, I’ve seen the one episode you have on demand 100 times.