Thursday Thoughts


Hello!  Today is Thursday and this is Thursday thoughts.  I am linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

I wanna start off by telling you that it’s COLD in NY today.  But the good cold… the cold with sun and no rain.  The odd feel of fall.  And the best part of it all is…. I dont have to turn on the AC or the Heat and I can sleep with the covers on so soundly.


Big Brother news… Frankie is driving me CRAAZY.  Announcing who your sister is was board line creepy.  He was playing a pretty good game up until last week… he did with battle of the block but still… and Zach crying (literally crying) that Frankie was playing for a charity and now how could he possibly win!  The clear winner is Derek… if Derek, Nicole, or Donny win Big brother I will be pleased.


We have cable now… it’s basically blowing my mind and underwhelming all at the same time… am I missing that $ we saved each month… well not yet… but maybe one day?  Or am I going to become so addicted to DVR I can’t give it up.  It is frickin amazing fast forwarding through commercials and being able to put NF to bed and watch my 8 PM show at 8:40 with NO commercials.  SO I was able to watch Sam and Cat last night (out of curiosity) I knew nothing about Ariana Grande – and she is Hilarious totally not annoying like other nickelodeon and disney characters can be.

Pictures of our house…. well… I’ll go to my 2009 flip phone pics to show ya some progress?  I need to remember we’ve come a long way.


I had these baby blue curtains since my first year in college (yeah I tried to decorate my dorm like an actual house?)  Clearly I know that they are being held back with hair ties… it’s just to show ya how it’ll look… ya know when it’s done… not like I’ve kept it like that for a week… wait I have.  THIS weekend I’ll get the hooks!  I GOT to.


The deck is getting done… sort of… not completely… the newer side of the deck is 70% done… the older part of the deck… the paint keeps coming up and it’s basically a nightmare.  NOT my project but still my deck… and I want it to be gorgeous… or at least live up to it’s potential.


Terrible picture I know.  But get the idea… I have a sliding glass door in my bedroom with terrible hanging blind things that I want to rip off the wall and burn.  Can I pull off this valance with two sear panels?  Does it look weird?  I want it to work so badly that I cant tell if I am forcing it.  Pinterest has not helped me…. everything I find on there just looks like magazine style superb home designs with new age sliding class doors and impressively high ceilings.


As you can tell right away I did not prime these walls.  Lesson learned.  It took 3 coats (maybe more because at the end I was just like using all the paint)… to cover up this green color.  I don’t dislike the color… it just wasn’t a color I go for… If you look around my home now… you will see that some how I ended up picking the same 4 colors for everywhere! (Light blue, Navy blue, beige, and white)… PLEASE help… I can’t stop picking these colors.

I wish that I had taken more before and after photos… I’m sure if I dug around a little more I could come up with more.  What’s left to do???  Window treatments on all the windows.  Paint the downstairs bathroom and fix the door so it shuts.  Organize the stuff that will go in storage.  Oh it’s overwhelming me thinking about it… BUT SERIOUSLY party people we have come pretty far.


My newest (well not totally new but decided to buy again) obsession (and NF loves em too) Stacy’s Pita Chips Cinnamon Sugar……. omgggg.  So good!!

Have you heard the rumor Maks Chmerkovkiy and Tristan MacManus are not returning for this next season of DWTS… my first reaction was NOOOOOOOOOOOO but then I was over it a minute later when I saw that Derek and Val are still on (and Mark who I love to hate for some reason).


The stars will be announced September 4th…  some rumors I’ve heard…Andi Dorfman from the Bachelorette… which if we remember her from the Bachelor dancing with Juan Pablo… she is not the best dancer… so that could be a disaster and I don’t see her making it too far.  I also read Shania Twain or was it Sheryl Crow… shoot I can’t remember… I guess it doesn’t really matter.. we’ll know soon enough.