What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

black and white smaller

NF: I love the photos C’s cousin’s girlfriend took of NF.  OH, and I love NF… he’s so cute!  You can check her out at melaniemarie1588.wix.com/ohsnap or facebook.com/ohsnapme! or ohsnapme!@gmail.com

I love the site http://wornontv.net/ where I can find all the clothes from TV shows I love…


Emily’s Hoedown Outfit from PLL: These girls… unbelievable… they have a school dance and they’re dressed hoedown style to a T.  wornontv.net has where you can buy their outfits too… I LOVE this site.

Aria’s Hoedown Outfit from PLL: How cute are those boots?!  You can get them here.  They still have them in turquoise 6.5 for $57…… but seriously… when would I ever wear them?  It’s not like I go to rosewood and have ho-down dances.


Hanna’s Hoedown outfit from PLL: This isn’t an exact match because Hanna’s is a dress and the link is a romper… either way Hanna rocks it.

Spencer’s Hoedown outfit from PLL: Wow, Spencer can pull off some overalls… I pretty much thought no one could pull of overalls these days unless you’re a toddler.    I also want to know what kinda school dance allows all those midriffs showing.  Ugh I wish I went to Rosewood minus A.


Paige’s Hoedown outfit from PLL:  Even Paige has it goin on.  Oh and another midriff.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

little farmer

NF: My little farmer!  We went to a little fair last weekend and he had a blast!  They had a virtual tractor ride, play vegtables to pick and put in a basket, cows, goats, sheep, even rides!  So glad we went, you had a great time!

rhonj sausage

rhonj sausage1

rhonj sausage2

Teresa Giudice’s family making 800 lbs of sausage: Did anyone else see Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.  My FAVORITE part of the entire episode was when they showed Teresa’s family making 800 lbs of sausage together.  I loved loved loved (totally what Teresa would say) it!  We eat 1-2 lbs of italian sausage a week – which would be like 75 lbs a year… I am sure once NF is older he’ll be consuming it too – and if my family keeps growing one day we will be making our own sausage too… I just dont think we’ll ever make 800 lbs at once ever though.

bachelorette final guys

Bachlorette final guys: I’m not particularly loving the show… I happen to find myself watching it on Mondays because there’s nothing else on, and then I am able to chat about it as meaningless, harmless, conversation the next day with who ever.  Anyway, I have to admit I guess I am loving her final 4.  Brooks, Chris, Drew, and Zak W.  I guess it was decided at the very first show that we wanted Brooks to win, basically because he could pull ove longer-ish hair.  I am guessing it’ll be between Drew and Brooks at the very end?  Oh and Micahel going on on Monday – I saw that coming a mile away.


Aria’s grey and pink tiger sweatshirt on last night’s episode: I loved this sweatshirt… so I went to Worn On TV to see if they found where you can buy it.  Well, it was there… unfortunately it’s from Bloomingdales and is $196.  Wait and get this… it’s ON sale for $196 from $280.  It always dissapointments me when I hope that it’ll be reasonable and I’ll purchase it, and it’s like 8 times more than I am willing to spend.  BUT I’m still loving it!

Pretty Little Liars beaded friendship bracelets

I bought these Pretty Little Liar beaded friendship bracelets as a Christmas present for my sister.  One for me one for her obviously.  Any loyal fan should own one!  It’s creepy and fantastic.  It’s even more creepy that I have … Continue reading