Too Cute Tuesday

too cute tuesday

I am not going to do a traditional “Too Cute Tuesday” because I just have too much to discuss!  So this will probably read more like a Thursday Thoughts…


I need to talk about “Girls” on Sunday first…  I was so excited for season 4 and it’s FINALLY HERE!  I wish the episodes were an hour!  I really like Adam.  The first Marnie scene shocked me and made me uncomfortable and I can’t get the image out of my brain (tmi? it’s just honest).  I LOVE that Sosh’s parents are both named Mel Shapiro and that it’s the worst and first thing that ever happened to her.  I love Sosh’s style.  Natasha Lyonne appearance!  And why is she in an odd equestrian outfit? and why does she say unconscionable a billion times?  Marnie’s mom’s phone case!!?  Elijah’s ex boyfriend has brunch with the lisas!  I googled what Moussaka was.

Celebrity Apprentice season 14 cast at Pie Face Set 2

The celebrity apprentice is my favorite reality tv show on tv right now.  Am I team Brandi or Kenya????  Brandi ALLL DAY!  I gotta white girl booty too.  And Brandi showed up with 40k to bring to that fund raising challenge!  Did I mention I really like this show??!


Fashion Police last night… I have severely missed Fashion Police 50% for the fashion 50% for Joan Rivers… so I was only 50% satisfied with last night’s show… idk if they were being easy on Kathy the first show, because obviously she can’t and won’t be Joan – I just didn’t think it was vulgar/shocking enough like it was with Joan… I used to scream watching Joan Rivers say the most absurd dirtiest things on the show… and last night was totally tame in comparison.  Maybe it’ll be a whole different kinda show and I need to just except that.


I’ve watched the 1st episode – but I didn’t see last nights…but I will comment on last weeks episode… I am shocked that he kept the drunk girl, and a few others… but you don’t really know everything, it’s all edited… and I REALLY do think they tell him like we’d really like if you kept these girls or influence him in some way or another.  Right?  Don’t you think?


TMZ is saying that Real Housewives of NJ will “hibernate” until Teresa is out of prison… Which I guess I am okay with.  I can wait if it means Teresa’s coming back.


ANNND I leave you with Jennifer Lopez…  No words…. just stare at her.