So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday so what!…

So what if…

  • Baseball playoffs start tonight for my son’s little league team…  I know it would be exciting if they won… but I think I’d be just as happy with the relief it’s finally over if they lost.  12 weeks of games and practices 3-4 nights a week while watching his little brother at every one… we’re ready for a break.
  • With so much baseball we haven’t been out to the YMCA in for-ev-er… finally went last night and it was GLORIOUS… that yoga was JUST want I needed…  so what if I am looking forward to yoga over 2 hour long little league practices
  • I haven’t had a long run since the mountain goat race May 5th
  • I get pretty jelly when people who haven’t run in months and months can just pull off an 8 min pace for 3-4 miles, like oh nice run bro… that would’ve been my PR
  • I eat VB’s snacks and I can’t stop won’t stop get it get it
  • I only like to read books when I am laying in the sun and I can’t really see my phone screen well…
  • I pretend I am on a balcony of a resort when laying out on my back porch this time of year
  • I’ve considered doing a colonic before my cousin’s wedding to shed a couple lbs – did some research and I am still interested but also mortified
  • I think all these special days at elementary school are annoying, especially when the specific class already choose something and then the principal chooses a contradicting thing – and I can’t keep it all straight… how are you going to have PJ day, and then get a text message 8:15 PM on a Sunday to the whole school that it’s dress your best day on Monday…
  • NF’s charger part on his tablet has been broken for over a month – and I don’t really want to get it fixed (or even worse, buy him a new one)… he’s been living without it just fine
  • no body reads this