Thursday Thoughts



Summer is here!  And I love that it’s still light out until 9 PM.


I watched the big brother premiere last night… live (2 hours that could have been compressed to 1 with fast forwarding)…. my favorite is Sam (the girl welder I love her voice).  Spoiler, she ends the first episode as a robot.  Yes, big brother is cornier than ever and does not disappoint in that aspect.  My predictions on the final 4, Sam, Winston, Angela, Scottie (maybe Faysal or Kaitlyn will make if far).  Let’s see how wrong I am!


What I’m loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday




Cousins!  I am loving cousins… It makes me so happy to see my boys with their cousins.


I am not really loving that NF is done with school… so far he’s full of energy when I’m done with work, and I think school tired him out.  But I do love this picture!


I’m loving that baseball is over and this picture of NF and his trophy.


I love eating this for dinner…


and I love these two!



So What Wednesday



  • I am attracted to Pete Davidson a little bit
  • I am not entirely sure what fortnite is
  • I am just as excited when my 6 year old son gets invited to a birthday party as he is, FRIENDS!
  • I’m literally addicted to pirate booty
  • I spent too much on matching nike sunrays for my boys but THEY ARE SO CUTEEE!!
  • Lachy is my favorite wiggle
  • I only know what a maybach and bugatti are from songs



What I’m loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


I am loving that the sun doesn’t go down until 8:46 PM and we can play at the park for so long!


I am watching Parks and Recreation straight through and I am loving that season 2 goes on for-ev-errrr… like 24 episodes whaaa?  I love Andy and April.


I am loving that it’s basically summer time and I have so much planned!!  So excited!


Thursday Thoughts


Guess who’s back back again… the blog is back… tell a friend…

Welllll hellooooo there.  Did I surprise you!  How’s your Thursday going?  It’s been a MINUTE!  I know you missed this… all those devoted readers (my sister, TMD… occasionally my cousin… and I don’t really know who else).

SO here are some long over due Thursday THOUGHTS:


I just finished season 5 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Which ironically came out June barely over a year ago (June 9th 2017)… this works out great for me because Season 6 comes out in July.  Anyone who watches this series and wants to discuss it with me def can… just message me.  IDK if I want to give any spoilers out on here as of right now.


The latest ending of the season black ish got me so emotional!  Dre and Bow omg… I was really scared they were over with… and that would have taken the show in a dark direction and I was not happy about it!


I was LOVING the 8 episodes that aired of Roseanne.  I mean really looking forward to the next season and more to come.  My favorite characters were obviously the OG.  Very sad news it was canceled because of Roseanne.  Waiting to see what will happen next…


Are you playing HQ trivia?  It’s an app trivia game and I highly recommend it.


Luann De Lesseps mug shot is everythingggggg.


This sandwich I ate 2 weeks ago… also is everythinggggggg (literally because the bread was called everything).


This Lagom book… loves it.


My boys and me on my birthday ❤  Seriouslyyy though.  I love them so MUCH!


AHH I am obsessed with them.


I can’t stop following this like 25 day (and going) relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande (who I followed BOTH of them before they got together).  ENGAGEDDDD!?  Ohhh this is Instagram story goldddd.


And I’ll leave you with this cute picture of my youngest baby I will call VB on here.