So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • the new latte caramel macchiato tasted like nothing… almost like a flat white… I think they made it wrong…
  • I am having braxton hicks contractions today
  • I am quite enjoying Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I am really disliking Altanta
  • I always wonder how old soup crackers are in the packages… there’s no expiration date on them…. and sometimes they are really stale
  • I love the wet brush
  • I LOVE watching NF in his swim class – I am so proud of him when he does something new
  • I THINK I will do the swim class with baby vb at 6 months… yes I will wear a bathing suit and get my hair wet etc… anything for baby vb
  • NF’s favorite song is DNCE – Cake by the ocean… I finally remembered to look up the words to find out what it’s called
  • NF started singing all the words to Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life yesterday from a diabetes commercial and it blew my mind…
  • OH YEAH NF can spell his name!
  • I am getting a free oil change today and I got a free half gallon of milk waiting for me at the drug store from the milk club!! It’s my lucky week!
  • Everyone keeps saying to me, oh you’re getting close, what another month?  Technically yeah, 4 more weeks… but it is so possible I’ll go early… if I make it to Feb 18th I will be in shock… and HUGE
  • I’ve only gained 27 lbs so far (gained 50 for NF)… and I’d kinda like to keep it that way… so let’s go I’m ready, well maybe next week…
  • I’d love to drink starbucks at the gym, but I know people would think I was nuts!  SO it’s my AFTER gym treat!


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