So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’d be perfectly fine if I never see anything star wars again
  • Charlie Brown Christmas AND Charlie Brown’s 50th Anniversary special dvr’d has been playing on repeat in my house


  • Kourtney and Bieber are NOT hooking up… there’s no way.
  • I am dying to see the Kardashian Christmas photo and I really hope there is one
  • I intended to give most of these cookies I baked away… and I haven’t


  • I went to target to get a free jambaGO smoothie… and I hope to take advantage of this again before Dec 24th


  • I am actually sad that the Great Holiday Baking Show on ABC is only a few episodes
  • I really need to just cancel HBO… but then I think what about maternity leave, I might want it
  • it feels like a Monday to me
  • I am 31 weeks tomorrow?  I just had to check


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