Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear my breakfast, though I did not eat all of you…. yet… I love you.


Dear tacos I ate last night, you were 100 times better than whatever it was I ate at Chili’s on Wednesday.

Dear I can do it chart, Wow.  Thank you… you’re really making chores fun for NF.  He’s usually pretty enthusiastic but he is like over the top excited to floss and put his clothes in his hamper… it’s amazing.

Dear Then and Now with Andy Cohen, I only knew to DVR this show from a promo instagram post Andy put up recently… SO glad I did.  I love it!  So far I’ve only watched 1989 but I have 1994 and 2000 set up to record in the future… I just researched it and that’s all of the dates he’s doing… WHYYY I want ALL the years!


Dear Fashion Police, FIRST I must say NO ONE compares to the legend, Joan Rivers.  Okay, that said… Margaret Cho is pretty funny on the show and I guess I’m good with her officially joining.  I am totally fine with Kathy Griffin being out, and Melissa hosting.  Melissa keeps the memory of Joan alive I think.  I miss Kelly Osborne but her best moments were her reaction to Joan, which no longer exists.  Giuliana is a staple to me… you can’t lose her.  I am waiting for Khole to guest host!  K done.

Dear Smellen, hope you’re reading this and it entertains you.

Dear Christmas, you’re sneaking up on me.

Dear Oprah, I am loving you book, What I know for Sure.  LOVING it.

Dear Kourtney Kardashian ap, I still don’t know exactly what is in your avocado shake…  pudding… drink… whatever it is… if it’s just avocado, milk, and a little sugar I will be disappointed.


Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some Thursday Thoughts…

jeremy survivor


I did not realize the survivor finale was last night… I was not prepared to stay up until 11 PM!  I was very pleased with who won, though I would have also been happy with Kelley Wentworth – Jeremy deserved it.  I am a little sad this season is over.



I made these motivational quote things to put on Instagram from some of the quotes I am loving from Oprah’s book, What I know for Sure.

the great holiday baking showw.JPG

I am loving this show and I am sad there is probably only one more final episode!


I am totally loving this I can do it chart!  NF thinks it’s great!!  And is so excited to get stars!



So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’d be perfectly fine if I never see anything star wars again
  • Charlie Brown Christmas AND Charlie Brown’s 50th Anniversary special dvr’d has been playing on repeat in my house


  • Kourtney and Bieber are NOT hooking up… there’s no way.
  • I am dying to see the Kardashian Christmas photo and I really hope there is one
  • I intended to give most of these cookies I baked away… and I haven’t


  • I went to target to get a free jambaGO smoothie… and I hope to take advantage of this again before Dec 24th


  • I am actually sad that the Great Holiday Baking Show on ABC is only a few episodes
  • I really need to just cancel HBO… but then I think what about maternity leave, I might want it
  • it feels like a Monday to me
  • I am 31 weeks tomorrow?  I just had to check


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Target, A free icee or JamboGO or soda every time I visit your store because I have a red card?  Thanks!!  (Totally stole this letter from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom)

Dear Charlie Brown, NF really REALLY likes you.

Dear NF, I just bought you a behavior chart that’s coming in the mail… I hope you love it!

Dear #OOTD, I had no idea you meant outfit of the day.

Dear Tyga, there is just no way you’re good for Kylie…

Dear Kourtney Kardashian’s avocado pudding, I’ve had like 8,000 views to my blog just because I wrote about this… sorry people I don’t have the official recipe, I didn’t buy her ap.

Dear Brandy Snaps, I’d like someone to make these for me please.  I saw them on The Great Holiday Baking Show.

Dear Nia Vardalos, you’re great on The Great Holiday Baking Show.  I hope you got to eat a lot of food.

Dear Eddie Downs, you did amazing at your brandy snaps and then what happened to your ginger bread house!!  Ohhh Eddie.

Dear Abi on survivor, you are crazy town.

Dear Brandi Glanville, Haters gonna hate, actually glad you’re not on this season of BH trashin it up.

Dear Smellen, I can’t wait to eat garlic bread…

Dear 61 degrees, this is weird.

Dear Teresa Giudice, I can’t believe you’re like almost out!


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are my Thursday Thoughts (Linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom)

ummm NF decided that he needs to wear Mr.Potato head’s glasses to see… it’s pretty ridiculous.


He went to the dentist and had no cavities but was lectured about sucking his thumb… but I think it made no impact.


I am 30 weeks pregnant today!


My sister made a home made ginger bread cake for my dad’s 60th birthday and it was very very good.


I can’t believe Teresa Giudice is about to get out of prison!


Kourtney’s website is now up… and as promised she put her avocado pudding recipe on there… but you have to pay for the app to get it…. hasn’t someone reposted it yet?  Is it everything in that picture?  It’s not even soy or almond milk…. I actually have all of that at home right now (except just regular sugar).


I am still cheering for Kieth on Survivor…


And I am LOVING the holiday baking show on ABC… but WHYYYYYYY is it on at 10 PM eastern time two weeks in a row… idk about you but I don’t want to stay up until 11!

holiday baking.JPG

umm that’s all my thoughts I’d like to share for now…!





Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t even handle the funny things you say and do… please stay this adorable forever.  You told Santa that you thought he lived in the fire place and what are you doing at this shopping mall?  You did SOOO good, and I love this picture!


Dear Kourtney Kardashian, I NEED that avocado drink recipe.

Dear Joe Anglim, you gave it your best shot… GO Keith!!

Dear Christmas Shopping, right about now is when I start to get real nervous about you…

Dear yasso mint chocolate chip greek yogurt bars, I don’t know how I’d survive without you

Dear college, I sort of miss you.  I enjoyed a change of classes every 15 weeks, new subjects, new teachers and classmates… I think it’s Sue and Axl on the Middle that is reminding me of this…

Dear orange smelling hands, ahhh you smell so nice… the biggest reason I like eating clementines is that my hands smell like oranges afterwards

Dear winter finales, nooooooooo.

Dear Top Chef, I started watching this season since there’s only been 2 episodes… like all reality contestant shows there are just way to many people to remember anyone in the beginning…

Dear my bed, you are so comfortable and perfect… I am just getting too pregnant to ever feel just right sleeping..

Dear cannoli cake from biscotti’s, I need some of you asap

Dear Oprah, I know it’s been over 4 years, but I miss you on at 4 PM