So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • Jimmy John’s forgot cucumbers on my veggie sub twice… so I finally called them and said listen there’s like nothing on a veggie sub and you’ve forgotten the cucumbers two times now.  They credited me for a free sub and THEN I just got a $10 gift card in the mail from them.  Whoa… so what if I am kinda glad they forgot my cucumbers, because I basically got 3 free subs out of it
  • I want some 4×4 frames to print my instagram photos
  • I want to do a photo shoot with the new baby and NF… but I want to wait until the baby is cuter than a newborn… but I want newborn photos too…
  • I now watch Fresh off the Boat on Tuesdays
  • I thought the Below Deck finale was HORRIBLE… I hated 75% of it (the parts with Rocky and Eddie, YUCK).  I did enjoy Amy, Kate, Ben, and Connie.  Oh and I did feel a little faint when they showed Ben’s knuckle sort of cut off
  • I am pumped to watch Survivor tonight
  • My car needs to be washed
  • We waited an hour for NF’s hair cut last night but he had a ball playing with the 20 kids waiting with him
  • We went to the pet store lto play with puppies and I really wanted to take one home, who knew I was into white miniature schnauzers?  I think that’s what it was…