So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’ve been dressing NF in comfy clothes so often (thermals and sweat pants) that when I dressed him in jeans and a button down Sunday he said, “WHAT?  Is this a man costume?”
  • I went to 2 stores and called 5 to find the pie face game last night… and finally got it in a city 60 miles away that my cousin picked up
  • I just want to eat stuffing… just a giant bowl of stuffing with a little turkey and super hot gravy
  • I haven’t had a frappuccino months, just no longer in the mood
  • I thought DWTS finale was just from 9-10 and when I realized it was on until 11 I was panicking about how late that was for me to stay up
  • I am so sad DWTS is over, but I think I was one episode away from finding Bindi annoying… but still super happy she won
  • I put people’s birthdays on the news
  • I refused to watch the Below Deck finale because I hate Rocky and Eddie
  • I am finally wearing leggings that fit me and don’t slide down my butt… and it feels so great
  • I passed my diabetes test but my iron is low even though I was already taking iron pills
  • I need my RH shot asap (they forgot to give it to me last time I was in) HOLY MOLY this means I am getting close!!
  • I am excited for the The Great Holiday Baking Show (I had to goolge what the name of the show was called… but ya know that baking competition on abc now that dwts is over)
  • I still haven’t watched SNL from Saturday… America is obsessed with Adele it’s official
  • I DIDN’T finish Oprah’s book and I have to return it to the library today
  • I bought a frozen cd at Target for the car… and now NF requests that it’s on whenever we’re driving….. it’s been 6 days and I was totally over it by the 3rd day
  • I wasn’t really feeling Nick Carter’s new single last night
  • I am love with feeling the baby move inside me… like really really like it… but it can give me weird dreams (Like the one that I had leaches inside of my moving around and doctors were going to cut them out of me… yeah like that one)
  • I am glad Chaka Khan performed last night on DWTS but I wanted MORE
  • I NEED Kourtney Kardashian’s avocado drink/pudding… she said on twitter that the recipe will be on her app and her app comes out soon… sneaky Kourt.  My guess is it’s avocado, almond milk, and some sort of protein vitamin mix… but I just gotta have it post pregnancy, call me cray
  • I wish I didn’t cry when I heard Adele’s song Hello… It’s crazy because she’s been on hiatus about the exact time between when I had NF and then this baby…. ughh ADELE…
  • NF likes to make sounds like snoopy… and honestly… it’s obnoxious
  • I love to have singing conversations with NF


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I love that you say, “May I have…please” we worked on this for about 20 minutes before you were saying “please I have…” … let’s see what you say today.

Plow guy, I don’t know you yet, because there’s been no snow… but I hope that you’re incredible and reliable and I think you’re totally worth it because… you’re necessary.

Dear Joe Anglim, YESSS keep winning those immunity challenges… (did anyone else notice that his and Kelly Wigglesworth’s buns were very similar Wednesday night… ugh I wish I had a photo.)  OH, and where do I buy Joe Anglim’s jewelry???

Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie, I NEED YOU.

Dear 2016, You are looking fantastic!

Dear Christmas decorations, I know you’re dying to come out of the shed.

Dear Oprah’s book, What I Know For Sure, I am totally loving you.

Dear heartburn, WTFFFFFFFFFF.

Dear Maalox, are you off the market or what… what can I take instead?  A pharmacist said ask my doctor, my doctor said uhhh tums? (THAT IS NOT THE SAME) and I said should I just ask a pharmacists? and he said oh yes try that… UGHH NO one wants to give suggestions to a pregnant person in fear that they’ll be wrong, well thank you for being cautious but my chest is on FIRE.

Dear Yasso Greek Yogurt Mint Chocolate Chip, I am out of you.  If I go to wegmans tonight and you’re not there it is possible I might cry.

Dear winter finales, UGHH why do you exist… I need my shows new each week.

Dear Pie Night, pretty pumped about you next week!!

Dear Tyga and Kylie, did you finally break up?  I hope so.

Dear Miley Cryus, you’re disgusting.

Dear Fashion Police, when are you coming back on?



So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • Jimmy John’s forgot cucumbers on my veggie sub twice… so I finally called them and said listen there’s like nothing on a veggie sub and you’ve forgotten the cucumbers two times now.  They credited me for a free sub and THEN I just got a $10 gift card in the mail from them.  Whoa… so what if I am kinda glad they forgot my cucumbers, because I basically got 3 free subs out of it
  • I want some 4×4 frames to print my instagram photos
  • I want to do a photo shoot with the new baby and NF… but I want to wait until the baby is cuter than a newborn… but I want newborn photos too…
  • I now watch Fresh off the Boat on Tuesdays
  • I thought the Below Deck finale was HORRIBLE… I hated 75% of it (the parts with Rocky and Eddie, YUCK).  I did enjoy Amy, Kate, Ben, and Connie.  Oh and I did feel a little faint when they showed Ben’s knuckle sort of cut off
  • I am pumped to watch Survivor tonight
  • My car needs to be washed
  • We waited an hour for NF’s hair cut last night but he had a ball playing with the 20 kids waiting with him
  • We went to the pet store lto play with puppies and I really wanted to take one home, who knew I was into white miniature schnauzers?  I think that’s what it was…



Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I love that you call flamingos “mingos”…. I hope your sports class today goes really well.  You’re the best!  I love on the weekends when you wake up at 7:15 AM to climb into my bed to sleep for another half hour.

Dear pregnancy belly, you have officially emerged… idk how I’ll manage getting even bigger than this and we’re not even at 30 weeks yet.

Dear Beak and Skiff, loved seeing you one last time before fall is over


Dear Owen on Grey’s anatomy, why do you dislike Nathan so much… is this what the winter finale is going to be all about?  eh it better be good.

Dear Jackson and April on Grey’s anatomy, ummm…. you’re stressing me out.

Dear Christina Yang on Grey’s anatomy, Oh how I miss you.  I never cared for Derek (YEAH I SAID IT) – but yang… yang I loved.

Dear Pie Night, I just keep thinking you’re next week!!  UGhhh.

Dear etsy, I can get lost looking at you.

Dear Smellen and Teevee, I hope to see you soon – but we have no plans.

Dear hunger, why do you sneak up on me… and I am usually not very prepared for it.

Dear Oprah’s book so far, I like you.

Dear peanuts (Charlie Brown) toys are mcdonalds, I like you.


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are my Thursday thoughts…


I can’t even… he’s the best.  And that football ice cream birthday cake so good!


It still feels like there are 100 people in Cambodia playing survivor.  It seemed like every few minutes someone was giving the finger.  We have Kimmi, Wentworth, Joe, Wiglesworth, Keith, Ciera, Tasha, Savage, Spencer, Jeremy, Stephen, and Abi.  And I LOVEEEEE a #blindside!!  And I love when someone whips out a hidden immunity idol and shocks everyone.  Very good tribal council.


There was also a new modern family on last night… ughh I needed it.  It did not disappoint me either.  It had Cam and Gloria together, which is the best.  And it had just enough Dylan, but I can always have more!  (I am concerned we won’t see Dylan again for a while since they broke up this episode).  I did not care for Alex’s story line which is typical… and Luke’s wasn’t much either.


And I saved The Middle on my DVR… I hope it’s a good one.


Did I just freak you out???  I am probably half done with my Christmas shopping, I think?  I wonder if I will do some black Friday / cyber Monday shopping?


The tie dyed shirt I made at my sister’s bachelorette party came out pretty good!  A men’s medium v neck would normally fit me great for a night shirt… but being pregnant… it’s actually sort of tight.


I did a count down to how many more days until I’ll likely be in labor… we’re under 100 days left.


Does anyone else think that Tamar should have just quit before Alexa was eliminated?


So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • when I accidentally record something not in high def the entire time I am watching I think ugh this picture is terrible
  • I have zero desire to watch any football until maybe the super bowl… maybe
  • I did not realize there is no mail today, I will probably forget later and look in the mailbox anyways
  • I am not into man buns (talking about hair not butts)
  • my sister told me about how people are mad about how the starbucks red cups is a war on christmas…. and I was just like what?  I instagramed it because I liked the red cup?


  • I watched Fresh off the Boat last night and liked it…. I think I will continue to watch it on Tuesdays…
  • Below the deck is ridiculous, but mostly only because of Rocky
  • I am trying not to care about other’s opinions on my chosen baby name but I lost probably 2 hours of sleep because of it… you seriously cannot please everyone (this is why people keep their baby names a secret)
  • I hashtagged this photo #26 weeks… when really I was 25 weeks and 4 days…


  • I sometimes bribe my child with dum dums
  • I am officially done spinning and switched to the elliptical – I am too big


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re just the best.

Dear Oprah’s favorite things 2015, OMGGGGGGGG… I love this list every year.  I love it down to the $43 shower gel to the $98 i love sundays v neck sweat shirt…. I love it!!!

Dear Hartmann luggage, I need this bag in gold… yeah for $650… thanks oprah and your expensive taste… I think you’re just one reasonable step below Gwenth Patrow on goop

Dear Jan Mon, Look forward to seeing you soon!

Dear Smellen, it felt like you were in Spain/Portugal for for-ev-errr.

Dear Yasso Greek Yogurt Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bars, so like why do you have to cost $4.49 a box with only 4 in a box… come on!!  I love you.

Dear Halloween Candy, I JUST CAN’T STOP EATING YOU.

Dear Grey’s, you make me cry…every..episode…why.  When Avery and Callie were able to give that boy hands again… ugh.

Dear Scandal, I saved you for tonight… I hope you’re worth it

Dear Blake and Gwen, it’s too soon for me to accept another relationship… I haven’t healed yet!!

Dear Joe Anglim, where can I buy your jewelry?