ANOTHER Kenny sighting on The Middle

As promised I will report any Kenny sightings on The Middle.  Kenny’s played by Tommy Bechtold.


THERE he is!!!  While Axl and his other roommate talk about the hammocks (their attempt at getting away from the ants).





Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of Suburban Mom

image credit: Ann's Sunny Day

image credit: Ann’s Sunny Day

I am having my sister’s wedding flowers pressed and framed by someone local… I am hoping it turns out amazing!  Here is her website.

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I love a #blindside on survivor…. now, I totally think Kimmi threw Monica straight under the bus, and was it really about depleting the ocean of clams or keeping the girls number up?  The real “snake in the grass” might just be Kimmi.  OR they got rid of a potential flip flopper early… was Monica less trustworthy than Wigglesworth?  UHHH debatable.  I think it usually takes about 5 episodes for me to get into a season of survivor… I might just be there finally.


I am trying to stay positive in my life!!


Look forward to hanging this on my wall!