Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, sooooo it’s probably not chicken pox… thank goodness because if you had chicken pox for my sister’s wedding I’d freak.  But flea bites or scabies WHAT!?  I’m so sorry!!  I hope this clears up quickly and you’re not itchy!

Dear Smellen, get ready to have some PG rated FUN Saturday!!!

Dear Bladder, TMI but wtf?  and I told my aunt, and she said “OH I had that, they had to stretch my urethra…” like nbd…. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! That sounds horrible!  Please just fix yourself and just be a pregnancy thing. (I don’t remember this happening the 1st time though)

Dear Sue Heck, I would love to be your friend in real life.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, no matter how ridiculous you are, I enjoy watching you and hope you never end… I don’t even need a single person from the original cast left… I would probably still watch.