Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear baby in my belly,  I can’t complain really… you probably could though… I am doing my best to keep you safe, sound, happy, and healthy.  I wonder if you know when I am in spin class or at the gym… I wonder if you’re like UGHHH spin class again?!  I am taking it easy, but I am also keeping it real… I gotta stay active for our sanity and health.


Dear NF, I love to hear that you liked basketball class and that you listened to your teacher.  What happened with swim class Monday, I don’t know if I’ll ever figure that one out… you quit half way through and said you didn’t like swimming anymore!?  Come on NF, you can do it!!

Dear New England Patriots, I pretty much do not like you… but I picked you to win this week, so just for sunday you’re ok… plus I think I dislike dallas more.

Dear Scandal, I knew Olivia Pope wouldn’t be publicly with the president… ohhh shonda you keep me watching!

Dear Survivor, I think Abi is the only person entertaining me on the show right now…  I have been distracted during the episodes too

Dear smellen, Thanks for being the best sister… I am going to plan your bachelorette party soon, I promise

Dear Modern Family, I am so glad you’re back on… you make me smile

Dear DWTS, so glad Gary is gone