So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so what if…

  • I can’t BELIEVE I am still in this pick 5 thing that started with 50 people… only 12 people left… what if won!?  I actually really really want to win now.  How it works is, everyone starts with 5 picks.  Week 1 for the nfl games you pick 5 teams to win, you can put all your picks on one game or 5 or any combination.  The game with the biggest spread is unpickable.  after week 4 the 2 games with the biggest spreads are unpickable.  If the team you picked to win loses you lose that pick the following week.  I have only 1 pick left!  But I still could win it!
  • I plan to watch survivor tonight
  • I’ve been using coconut oil like crazy hoping my stretch marks don’t get too bad
  • I like carrot cake


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