Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re everything to me… I can’t believe 4 years ago today I was baking Halloween cookies for a charity (best cookies ever and I should probably make them again in your honor) and by Sunday night I was having contractions ALL night – and you were born at 6:47 PM Halloween night.  You make me so happy and proud to be a mom.  It could be raining outside and you’ll still tell me it’s a beautiful day.  I can’t squeeze hug you enough!!

Dear hot chocolate, I’m kinda liking you lately, but as soon as I actually buy a box of you, I’ll probably be over it and throw the box out 2 years later when I realize it’s expired (has happened before).

Dear rain, stay far far away tomorrow PLEASE, thanks.

Leah Remini, I’ve always been a fan of yours.  Since like saved by the bell days (though it felt wrong, Zack needed to be with Kelly, honestly).  I loved you on the talk when I was on maternity leave… I am loving you filling in for Erin Andrews on DWTS the past two weeks.  Wasn’t I expecting a book Fall 2013 when you were a contestant on DWTS?  Is this the book that I’ve been waiting for?  Two years later… ugh I gotta read it.  I wish it came out Nov 1st instead of 3rd…. is it possible it would be early release like Orange is the New Black?  Leah, are you actually going to answer my Friday letter to you?

Dear pumpkins in the lawn, what animal has been terrorizing you and taking bites out of you at night?

Dear Fayetteville Target, why would you not have a Starbucks, I mean come on?  Super weird.

Dear holiday themed shower curtains, I think I wanna be that mom who does this.

Lamar Odom, k got it, you’re still in the hospital.  but why do I still read every update?  This is going to be a long recovery and I’ll know every detail, whether I want to or not.

Dear Smellen, I wish I was with you on your honey moon.  and I wish you weren’t missing Halloween.

Dear Grey’s and Modern Family, UHHH I wish I had a warning you weren’t going to be new this week.  and WHAT no modern family Halloween episode?  How disappointing.

Dear The Chew, I gotta see what you guys dress up as this year, GOT TO!

Dear Janman, I can’t believe you got a princess peach costume to go trick or treating with NF, you’re nuts, and I love it.

Dear baby in my belly, I can’t wait to hold you and I hope you’re a very good baby that sleeps a lot… like preferably from 8 pm to 8 am and then naps during the day.  Thank you!


Kenny on The Middle Halloween!!

As promised I am reporting all Kenny sightings!!  Season 7 episode 6.  Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death.  Kenny is played by Tommy Bechtold.


Brick as Rod Serling from The Night Gallery, not Twilight Zone.

kennyon the middle

THERE he is, Kenny!


“good luck getting Kenny out of bed, it’s like wrestling an alligator”


AHHHHHHHHH it’s Rita Glossner (Brooke Shields)… my favorite way to see Brooke Shields ever is as Rita Glossner.  and I frickin LOVE her outfit.  That tattoo choker, I mean come on, THE BEST!!!!!!!!!


Frankie heck getting the last drop of that box of wine…


More Kenny!


Kenny in the basement


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  Kenny talks!


Creepy painting of Brick…


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I think I’ll feel like this Friday and Saturday for Halloween…


  • I have had no time away from NF to buy him more birthday presents and I am running out of time!!
  • I feel like eating a lot of chocolate most of the time
  • I cried and cried and cried Sunday after my sister’s wedding was over and people from out of town left
  • I am super secretly glad the NY Mets lost last night… I mean I hope they win the whole thing but I like a long world series… I like 16 inning games too… keep the suspense going
  • I hate when I put money in for raffle tickets and lose… like I really go into it thinking I’ll probably win and never do
  • I wish they didn’t do such revealing promos for the real housewives reunions, I feel like I’ve already seen it when I am watching
  • Rocky on the Below the Deck is like the worst
  • I am waiting for Andy Grammer to be done on DWTS and Bindi to just win it all
  • I wish I was in Spain and Portugal right now


ANOTHER Kenny sighting on The Middle

As promised I will report any Kenny sightings on The Middle.  Kenny’s played by Tommy Bechtold.


THERE he is!!!  While Axl and his other roommate talk about the hammocks (their attempt at getting away from the ants).





Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of Suburban Mom

image credit: Ann's Sunny Day

image credit: Ann’s Sunny Day

I am having my sister’s wedding flowers pressed and framed by someone local… I am hoping it turns out amazing!  Here is her website.

download (4)

I love a #blindside on survivor…. now, I totally think Kimmi threw Monica straight under the bus, and was it really about depleting the ocean of clams or keeping the girls number up?  The real “snake in the grass” might just be Kimmi.  OR they got rid of a potential flip flopper early… was Monica less trustworthy than Wigglesworth?  UHHH debatable.  I think it usually takes about 5 episodes for me to get into a season of survivor… I might just be there finally.


I am trying to stay positive in my life!!


Look forward to hanging this on my wall!


So WHAT Wednesday


  • My sister’s wedding is 3 days away and I think I finished my maid of honor speech… I think…
  • I like Meghan King Edmonds blonde better
  • I bought a motivational sign off etsy
  • I am out of starbucks money on my gold card… and I refuse to pay for starbucks unless it’s from a gift card… don’t worry one is on the way from some rewards thing
  • people are asking if I am ready for Halloween… WHAT my sister’s wedding is Saturday… I can’t think that far ahead right now
  • I am almost out of go to pregnancy outfits for this stage and weather
  • I love Modern Family, it always makes me smile
  • I couldn’t be happier when NF actually gets in and swims at his swim lessons
  • I can’t believe NF will be 4
  • I couldn’t finish Below the Deck last night, it was just not interesting to me and I can’t stand Rocky
  • I have been following Lamar’s condition very closely