So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I don’t believe Liztin (Liz and Austin on Big Brother) will survive much longer… this tmz article claims they are still together.  I saw Clay on Watch What Happens Live this week… and he said him and Shellie are still together, but I don’t find that to be long lasting either.
  • It didn’t rain for like 8 days and now boom, raining, a lot, and my ceiling is leaking again… freakinggggggggout
  • I think NF looks super cool drinking his starbucks 2% milk one pump mocha at target…. even if it’s like $3 and sometimes aren’t sure how to ring it up.
  • I don’t believe this petition to get Kim Zolciak back on Dancing with the Stars is going to work
  • I can’t stand that it doesn’t seem like anyone on teen mom wears their seat belt
  • I am excited for the middle and modern family to be back on…. survivor just feels like a commitment I’m not sure I want to make right now…
  • My twix had no caramel in it… but the other one, I gave to NF did!  I need to write them a letter


  • I am dying for more of this tiramisu cake omg I need it


  • I loved this toasted graham latte!!!!!