So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I can’t believe Dancing With The Stars starts next Monday
  • I have like 50 things to do for my sister’s bridal shower and I don’t even know where to start right now
  • I picked Green Bay, Denver, and Seattle to win this week for my pick 5 (New England was untouchable and I wouldn’t bet against the Giants)… I really hope I’m not out week 1
  • Rocky on Below the Deck is So annoying… and so was Don… bye Don!  Why wouldn’t you wait for your tip?
  • I’m sad the fair is over
  • I’m not that sad Heather Thomson is leaving RHONY
  • I feel like my car needs a car wash daily… who knew a dark colored car would look so dirty all the time
  • I hope Johnny Mac wins Big Brother… or maybe Steve.  Def not Austwins or Vanessa.
  • I have no idea what dress I’ll be wearing to the wedding I am attending Saturday
  • Does Brooks have cancer or not yes or no this is ridiculous… now that Vicki and Brooks are broken up I feel like what is the point of him being the main drama story of Season 10 RHOC
  • I’m 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow… and I feel like I have a year before the baby comes


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