So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I don’t believe Liztin (Liz and Austin on Big Brother) will survive much longer… this tmz article claims they are still together.  I saw Clay on Watch What Happens Live this week… and he said him and Shellie are still together, but I don’t find that to be long lasting either.
  • It didn’t rain for like 8 days and now boom, raining, a lot, and my ceiling is leaking again… freakinggggggggout
  • I think NF looks super cool drinking his starbucks 2% milk one pump mocha at target…. even if it’s like $3 and sometimes aren’t sure how to ring it up.
  • I don’t believe this petition to get Kim Zolciak back on Dancing with the Stars is going to work
  • I can’t stand that it doesn’t seem like anyone on teen mom wears their seat belt
  • I am excited for the middle and modern family to be back on…. survivor just feels like a commitment I’m not sure I want to make right now…
  • My twix had no caramel in it… but the other one, I gave to NF did!  I need to write them a letter


  • I am dying for more of this tiramisu cake omg I need it


  • I loved this toasted graham latte!!!!!



Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.


AHHHHHHHHH it’s a boy!!!!!!!!  I am going to be a mom of 2 boys.  This announcement photo was the very first of like 30 I took… isn’t that how it always goes?


The weather has been fantastic… and we’ve been able to hang outside / garage / back porch a lot which is amazing!  Nothing like watching football in the garage while getting some work done.


Syracuse football is 3-0 first time since 1991 (yes I just double checked that)… we play LSU this weekend… and uhhh we’re not expecting any miracles.


NF’s been to 2 swim classes so far and is the weakest of the 5 kids in the “non swimmer beginner” class ages 3-4 (the pikes)…. but he’s the most entertaining!  He was doing a little awkward boy dance and one of the instructors I think asked him if he had to go to the bathroom and he said about 6 times loudly “I just peed” … making everyone think that he just peed… like right there… but really, he had just gone before class.  He also tries to convince the other kids to just go play some soccer (and ditch this swim stuff).  I am so excited to see him improve each week, it’s the best!!  (and I am secretly glad I started him at age 3-4 instead of earlier when the parent has to get in the water too).


I’ve been going to gentle yoga 2-3x a week and it’s been great during my pregnancy…. I am still going to spin and boot camp also… but I’m able to do less and less in those classes… I am afraid of the day when spin is out and where I am mostly watching boot camp and not participating.


What is the bizarre news story about Kim Zolciak having a stroke after dwts monday but is now 100%…. I’ve been voting for her like crazy (mostly because I think she needs the votes).


speaking of Kims…. Look at these ankles… not looking forward to that.


Survivor 2nd chance premiered last night… and I watched… duh.


And right after the premiere of survivor… the big brother finale aired…. I stayed up until 11 PM to watch Steve win…… yup… that was like 100 hours of my life this summer…..


My sister’s bridal shower is this weekend and I ordered a tiramisu sheet cake from a local Italian bakery (where she is getting her wedding cake) and I am beyond excited to eat it.


So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I find out if I am having a boy or a girl at 11 AM today and I CAN’T HANDLE THE ANTICIPATION!!!!!
  • I’m mad Gary Busey is on dancing with the stars longer than 2 other contestants
  • Rocky on Below the deck is more than I can take
  • My sister and her fiance can 3D print stuff and I think it’s so amazing
  • Our house needs a new roof asap… and I’ve finally accepted that fact
  • There is about to be WAY too much new TV for me to handle…
  • I am shocked I am “on track” with my pregnancy weight gain… I feel like with the first pregnancy I gained way more than 9 lbs by week 19… I am pretty proud of this… BUT I feel and I think I look like I’ve gained 20 lbs.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear 9/11, I will never forget.

Dear NF, you’re everything to me.  You make me so proud every day to be your mom.  I absolutely love how you compliment people… you make me smile more than I ever have in my life time.  You’re just the best!

Dear Fall, Please stick around for a long time… even though you’re not officially here until the 23rd please last until December.

Dear DWTS, I can’t wait to see how this season is!

Dear Big Brother 17, I really hope Johnny Mac or Steve wins.


So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I can’t believe Dancing With The Stars starts next Monday
  • I have like 50 things to do for my sister’s bridal shower and I don’t even know where to start right now
  • I picked Green Bay, Denver, and Seattle to win this week for my pick 5 (New England was untouchable and I wouldn’t bet against the Giants)… I really hope I’m not out week 1
  • Rocky on Below the Deck is So annoying… and so was Don… bye Don!  Why wouldn’t you wait for your tip?
  • I’m sad the fair is over
  • I’m not that sad Heather Thomson is leaving RHONY
  • I feel like my car needs a car wash daily… who knew a dark colored car would look so dirty all the time
  • I hope Johnny Mac wins Big Brother… or maybe Steve.  Def not Austwins or Vanessa.
  • I have no idea what dress I’ll be wearing to the wedding I am attending Saturday
  • Does Brooks have cancer or not yes or no this is ridiculous… now that Vicki and Brooks are broken up I feel like what is the point of him being the main drama story of Season 10 RHOC
  • I’m 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow… and I feel like I have a year before the baby comes


Dancing With The Stars Cast season 21 2015

First of all I have been LOVING THE WHIP AND NAE NAE promos!!!!!!  ABC love it. LOVE IT!!!



Alex Skorlatos: “worldwide hero in August when he helped avert a massacre aboard a Belgian train” wow that was SO recent.. I know like nothing about him though


Kim Zolciak: OMGGGGGGGGG so excited about this!!  So excited.


Bindi Irwin: I think and hope I’m going to LOVE her… and she’s with derek.. she’s going to be on for a WHILE


Hayes Grier: a 15 year old vine star… come on… if my 2 nieces don’t know who he is then really I think this is a fail for abc


Chaka Khan: I think she’ll be better than Patti LaBelle.


Andy Grammer: WAYYYY too soon… I am so SICK of Honey I’m good I don’t want to see his FACE!!!!!  Maybe I’ll love him, we’ll see.


Nick Carter: Seriosuly?!  So pumped for this.  I hope creepy Aaron Carter is in the audience a lot.


Alexa Penavega and Carlos Penavega: ehhh don’t really care


Victor Espinoza: A Jockey!?  I’m kinda interested…


Tamar Braxton: Yawn.






So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I was over the moon happy fashion police just automatically dvr’d on my tv… it was a wonderful surprise!  I miss Joan Rivers!!!  And Nene was ok for an ep but not perm.
  • I’d rather see Nas than Snoop Dogg… but Salt N Peppa before either of them in concert… just sayin state fair… free is free and I should probably steer clear because it will likely be too hood for this pregnant pale mom, but we will see
  • I’m totally bummed that Don’t Be Tardy episodes aren’t on demand… will they be?
  • I can’t stand dishes in the sink or an unmade bed.. like can’t leave the house until that’s completed – I know there is always later, but those 2 things just can’t wait until later… maybe the dishes, but it pains me
  • I secretly wish I could just wear wigs as fabulous as Kim Zolciak and look normal
  • NF looks 10x better with a fresh hair cut… I wish I didn’t stretch it 8 weeks, it really should be every 5
  • I can’t STAND Raquel “Rocky” on Below the Deck… and from her bio I thought she’d be the most interesting… no she’s the most annoying
  • NF starts his sports and swimming class soon!!!
  • I am the only pregnant person in “gentle” yoga every time