Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Your friend making skills are off the charts.  You’re the sweetest boy I’ll ever know.

Dear EOS blackberry nectar, I have got to try you.

Dear Smellen, I am so excited to go to the wedding shower venue, Asti’s, every bridal shower anniversary with you… such a great idea.

Dear Jennifer Aniston, Congratulations!

Dear woot-offs, I can never resist you.

Dear Christmas shopping, I can’t believe I’ve already started you.

Dear Target, my 7 year old niece asked me what’s my favorite store while braiding my hair, and I said… “Target” – my 13 year old niece and her best friend (also doing each other’s hair) simultaneously said, “same” in a mono tone teenagery voice… like target is totally cool with the 8th graders and the mom’s in their 20’s (I can still say that for 10 more months).

Dear Teevee, if you can’t use your data then stop using your data… so you better not see this blog post.

Dear Janman, I swear you were coming to my house for something soon but I can’t remember what it was… was it to prepare for nf’s birthday party?  that’s so far away… that can’t be it… was it bridal shower related stuff??  I have no idea…

Dear Johnny Mac on Big Brother 17, you’re my fav.