Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I’m  linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom



NF had the best time in Vermont… and so did I.  He loved the beach and threw rocks all day long.  He was not into swimming though… he really just wanted to throw rocks.


That’s my favorite place ever… my grandma’s house.  We actually stayed down the road in another one of her houses this visit – which was amazing…. it’s one of those houses that has a big open downstairs, kitchen, and sun room then up stairs it’s just a row of 5 small bedrooms with a double or twin beds in them.  It was so fun staying there with all my cousins and aunts, and it wasn’t too hot either.


This is a picture of my sister and cousin making some watermelon drink they saw on pinterest… that’s a hand blender IN the water melon.


That’s three generations of Jed’s… the name has been pass down for centuries.  We went for a run/walk with my cousin from Arkansas (he runs 6 miles every morning and he’s 15)… and I looked in a cemetery and actually found some Jed’s from the 1800 something in there… and I was like wow, I am related to you… so weird.


The dog on the left, Otis, probably weighs 200 lbs… maybe not that much… I should ask… but he is super heavy.


I put this picture up earlier but it’s one of my favorites… being outside playing in the water can really wipe you out.  He just fell asleep like this no body told him to nap… which is amazing.

big brother

Big brother news…


James went to jail for three years???? why?  and that was a subtle way to tell the world…. while clay was yelling at him he says, I’ve had bigger men yelling at me for three years in prison… or something like that I don’t have the direct quote… SOOO what’s that all about… I googled it… he worked as a corrections officer and was referring to working in a prison (source here).  That’s totally not what you made it sound like James…


This was the best part of last night… when Johnny mac made faces at whatever clay and meg were doing in the mirror… it was awkward and scandalous and HELLO you’re on camera… and cbs puts a hashtag up #bbscandal to add to the drama… ugh I feel terrible for Shelli… that is embarrassing.

SO who will go home tonight?!  I can’t wait to find out!