Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I am so sorry you have croup and an ear infection but you’re still such a happy boy.  I absolutely love that you notice my outfits and tell me you love them.  You make me so happy and proud.  I hope you’re ready for swim lessons coming up!!!

Dear Ramona, you were def drunk or on something when you fell asleep during the reunion.  I didn’t think it was hilarious.

Dear Johnny Mac, I really hope you get right back into the big brother house and get the Austwins OR even better, Vanessa OUT!

Dear regular tv this fall, I’m totally not ready for you… but I so am.

Dear pumpkin spice flavored drinks, I swore I didn’t want to see you until September 24th (or whenever fall officially starts) but I cheated and tried to order you at Starbucks and THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT!  I bet every other person ordering asks about the fall drinks, that haven’t arrived yet.  I am pretty sure dunkin has them?

Dear sickness, We’re on day 5.  I’d really like to feel normal (as normal as possible) again.  No body takes care of me when I am sick.  Being pregnant you can’t take anything – it’s just miserable.

Dear NF’s swim lessons, I REALLY hope NF goes in the pool.  I *think* he will, but there is a chance he will refuse.  Since he’s in the 3-5 year old class, I don’t go in with him, soooo I hope they can convince him to get in.

Dear Smellen, YES I got the bridesmaid shoes.  and when we take photos outside, I don’t want them ruined because I want to wear them more than one time.



Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are my Thursday Thoughts…









SOOO NF had a great weekend…. and the came down with croup and an ear infection.  Similar thing happened last 4th of July.  We’ve been working on recovering all week.


Big Brother News…

  • I can’t believe Austin has a gf in the real world and I didn’t know it until last night
  • I love zingbot, but past years were way better
  • I really hope Johnny Mac doesn’t go to jury tonight… but if he does I hope he gets RIGHT back in the game win HOH and puts Austin and Vanessa up!!!
  • James pranking people while they sleep is great


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


We’re ymca members now… idk why I didn’t do this 3 years ago.  I used to be a Y member and I went all the time.  So far we’ve been members less than a week and we’ve gone 4 times and went swimming.  And that photo in his ID…. that was the only one where he was still after like 20 takes.


NF joined a serious keyboard band that includes an accordion occasionally… it sounds great guys, you really need to hear it, and for over 30 minutes.


We went to the renaissance festival (thanks smellen for the free tix)… NF had a great time… but it was like 95 degrees out.


Who doesn’t love a cake pop?


NF was sick Sunday 4-9 (threw up 4 times!  once all over a couch, and the rest mostly caught my my hands, and a little in a bucket)… next day he was good as new.  It’s awful to see little kiddos throw up!!


Stopped in Cazenovia for my sister’s wedding hair trial…


Big Brother 17 news… who is it going to be Becky or Johnny Mac…. (I am hoping Becky).  Idk why Johnny Mac didn’t try to win the veto, that seemed gutsy.


I am LOVING the Real Housewives of NYC reunion…. just love it.

kourtney and khole

How is this pic of Khole and Kourtney real life… omg that thigh gap on Kourtney and that butt on Khole.  I can’t even deal.


Teen mom 2 is on tonight and I HATE to love it… it’s so bad.  It’s like the worst.  Jenelle and Nathan are horrible.  Leah and Jeremy are a mess.  Adam is horrible.  Kailyn and Javi are super annoying.  I ONLY like the kids, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s parents and her bf Cole.


Not much else is happening round here.  It’s supposed to rain today – otherwise NF was going to shoot for a local commercial outside (I’m kinda glad about that because he needs a hair cut!!!)


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’m 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow
  • My decaf, grande, shot of raspberry, no mocha, skim milk, no whip java chip frappuccino was made terribly Sunday.  It was like raspberry skim milk…. that’s the 2nd time.  And by the time you realize you’re on your way.  Is it too late to call them and tell them?  This is a problem… when you’re paying $5 a drink it should be correct.  SO what if that might be crazy
  • I am going to be wearing a bathing suit tonight at the YMCA and I am more concerned about my legs being shaved than looking that awkward stage of pregnant (is she fat? is she pregnant?  did she just gain 5 lbs in her belly since may?  Did she just eat a ton of food like spaghetti for dinner?)
  • Gentle yoga was the same exact yoga as Saturday’s and there were NO pregnant woman there besides myself…. disappointing… where are you woman, I wanna stare at you and compare bellys in my mind
  • it is a relief to finally mention I am pregnant on this blog but I had 2 that didn’t work out before this, so I waited until I was 13 weeks to reveal the news to mostly everyone
  • I love that Susan Surandon’s daughter discussed her miscarriage on her blog.  I didn’t do that (not really the type of blog I’m going for though).  but it really makes you feel like, it can happen to any and all woman and you’re not alone.
  • I think Vanessa’s time is almost up on Big Brother
  • It seems like every time I see Kaiser on Teen Mom 2 he is just chuggin a big bottle dolo
  • I never liked Jared the Subway guy
  • I swear Andy Cohan’s favorite housewife is Bethenny Frankel FOR SURE
  • I LOVE to see what the housewife woman are wearing on the reunion shows (Sonja’s heals and dress from her collection)


  •  I have no desire to see anything pumpkin spice until it is officially fall… first day of fall is September 23rd
  • I never realized having a dark colored car means you have to wash it way more often than a light metallic car until owning one
  • I want to know if I can continue to attend spin class, boot camp, yoga pregnant?  I gave up abs class right way… but these other fitness classes, I would feel lost without them…
  • NF named the baby Bounky, just like his rock named Bounky he said
  • I am probably not going to go to a bachelorette party I am invited to this weekend because I am just going to be no fun
  • I need to plan my sister’s bachelorette party asap
  • It took 2 hours for the lady to just CURL my sister’s hair for her wedding hair trial… omgggg it was for-ev-errr
  • you dont need a mouse pad anymore for the mouses they have these days… but I still want one


Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear strawberry sundae crunch bars,  I NEED YOU… all the time so good.  Only 6 in a box, I’m almost out!!


Dear Jackie Ibarra on big brother, I HATE double eviction night it was not your time!!  STEVE what are you doing!?  Why didn’t you put up the twins!?

Dear Wegmans self serve Mediterranean olive bar, I love it.

Dear refrigerated kosher dill pickles, I love it.

Dear Smellen, It makes me happy to know someone reads this and that you fit into your wedding dress on Wednesday (obviously I knew you would but still it makes me happy).

Dear Target, I haven’t seen you since July!

Dear car payment, 3 years didn’t seem like a long time… but after 11 months and I am not even half way there it is actually feeling like forever.

Dear kraft mac and cheese, why do the character shaped macaroni taste so much better than the boring regular shapes? #minionmacandcheese

Dear minions at mcdonalds, I’m sorry we missed out on you… I tried the last week at 3 different mcdonalds and they were sold out…

Dear sesame street, HOW HOW HOW can you go to hbo?  that doesn’t make sense to me.  I am worried about PBS.  I mean… I have hbo and pbs… but for 3 years I didn’t have cable and I really relied on PBS for accessible appropriate educational children’s television.

Dear NF, you crack me up every day.

Dear Caroline Manzo, I want to be a mom like you.

Dear Tom Brady Sketch, omgggg



Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some thoughts…


NF makes these paintings on my phone and it saves in it’s own folder… I love to look at them


I feel like it’s only fair NF gets a cake pop when I treat myself to a frappuccino…. right?


This meal feed me three times.  It was so good, but I don’t think I could get it again any time soon.  It’s the chicken francesca from Francesca’s Pizza and Italian Kitchen.  This is like my latest go to place I love it.


Uhhhh speaking of food… this is my plate from the bbq wedding reception I went to last Saturday.  I loved the corn bread, it had been forever since I had corn bread!


How beautiful is this cupcake cookie tray that came out from the wedding?  I loved it!!


More food… my breakfast on Saturday.


ANNNDD how do you feel about oreo thins because our house is obsessed.  I just got the mint ones this week and haven’t opened the package yet.


Big Brother news….

Vanessa or Shelli will be going home tonight… who is it going to be?!  AND there is a double eviction, whattttttttttt.  And Steve!?


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • I woke thinking it was Thursday
  • I peeked who A was on Pretty Little Liars
  • I think I am starting to get sick and/or I am sick and I really really don’t like it
  • I liked Luann’s this season until she said to Carole that thing about not having kids and laughing… ughh that was mean
  • I always spell Tamra’s name Tamera
  • I steal plastic silverware to justify the cost of cafeteria food… when maybe I am just increasing the prices because they keep having to purchase more plastic silverware
  • I need to sleep with 4 pillows now
  • I really want a home made chocolate chip cookie right now
  • I’m too excited for big brother tonight


Too Cute Tuesday

too cute tuesday


“Mommy, take my picture with this guy.” — every time we’re at the mall…. I hash-tagged it #mannequinfriends and actually saw that other people have pictures of their kids posing with mannequins… also mannequin is the weirdest word to spell.

here is another…