Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, yesterday at softball you told a lady, “That’s my mommy…she’s the bestest.  I love her she’s mine.”  and I melted away.  I love you more than anything and I hope you are always proud that I am your mommy and think I am the bestest.

softball summer 2015

Dear dad and grandpa, Happy Father’s day!!  (C’s been away in Arizona for work)


Dear Big Brother 17, I am looking forward to a mindless show to watch 3 days a week ALL summer long… thanks for keeping it cheesey and fun!

Dear Instagram, I can’t believe I finally just meet you.

Dear fitbit, why don’t you hold a charge anymore???

Dear flowers around the mailbox, uhh why are you still the same size as when I planted you 3 weeks ago… at least you haven’t died.

Dear Smellen, I am looking forward to you bringing me breakfast Saturday… I want great surprises from the bakery from the east side.

Dear Wal-Mart, you have NF’s new bed… now I have to pick it up and bring it home… how hard is this going to be and do I need a truck and 4 people?  and then who is putting that thing together?


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