Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear C, what if I got a dog while you’re away for work… maybe a french bull dog (any color) named Boogotti… oh and Ray J did steal my dog name, everyone reading this better not steal it too.

Dear NF, Thanks for throwing a rock at my car yesterday.  You did say “I’m sorry, I doesn’t mean to” (while crying)… how could I resist that?  I am glad you went to bed ok last night, after 4 nights of not good… let’s hope tonight’s a good night too.

Dear shopping, C’s right… he told me not to lonely shop… and I have.

Dear parents, Happy 33rd wedding anniversary!

Dear Orange is the New Black, early release!!! I was so happy to watch an episode last night at 9 PM when I wasn’t expecting it to come on until midnight.

Dear rain, just stop… you’re ruining my living room ceiling until I can get it fixed.

Dear fitbit, I think your battery is starting go?  I feel like I have to charge you for an hr a day… and when I do, i can’t move because it won’t count.

Dear Teeveee, NF loves you.

Dear Smellen, can’t wait for you to take NF bowling.


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