Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I absolutely love that you introduce yourself to anyone, and then tell people, “and that’s my friend mommy.”  Can I call it now he’ll get the out going superlative or something similar to that.

Dear Jan man, hold that baby close and love your sister every second- the saddest day I’ve ever had with my sister was when she left after visiting me when NF was born.  I will be there waiting for you at the airport.

Dear Mike Holloway, congratulations on winning survivor!!!  you were one of my faves from the start!

Dear Carolyn Rivera, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY aren’t you on the 2nd chance season whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Dear mini frappuccino from Starbucks, I hear you callin, callin my nameeeee

Dear tv finales, whyyyyyyyyyyy what am I going to watch next week?!

Dear energy level, what the heck is up w you

Dear Smellen, don’t you stress about your wedding… we’ll get stuff done this weekend fo sho

Dear TeeVee, we’re like Oprah and Gayle… f’ing awesome bffs.

Dear Flax seed, someone explain to me if I should be eating this stuff or not…