Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Girl Scout Cookies, I…just…can’t…stop…eating…you.

Dear NF, get ready to meet the Easter bunny for the 3rd time.

Dear Smellen, I am excited to go to your wedding venue tasting tomorrow… I hope for some really good food.

Dear Teevee, NF loves you!

Dear Big Ang, I hope you’re alright!  Hang in there.

Dear Janmonisabobalogadingdong, glad you read this.


2 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. Dear Ali Bear,
    How was your Easter; does NF understand the concept of the “Easter Bunny”? What items did you pick in his basket?
    Tell him Auntie TeeVee loves him!
    I want to thank you again for inviting me to dress shoppping;I am saddened to have missed it. I hope food tasting goes well and that you document the event on this blog. I am ESTATIC that I will be able t0 attend her wedding. I am also ESTATIC that you and I have a wedding to attend together!!

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